Frequently Asked Questions in the Kitchen

by Clay Cox Owner/President – Kitchens by Clay

Kitchens by Clay has always had an open-door policy at our 4,000 square foot showroom and, as you might imagine, we get lots of folks stopping by with questions and comments about kitchens and more.

I thought it might be fun to share some of the most common and, in my opinion, questions that will continue to be asked in the foreseeable future.

Is gray going out of style? No. When gray first became popular about 10 years or so ago it’s “claim to fame” was that it is the “new beige”.

This phrase refers to the versatility of beige and we have found it to be true. Gray can also be mixed with multiple textures and colors.

Are white kitchens going out of style? Again, the answer is no. White kitchens are not a new thing. They have been around forever and will continue, especially in coastal and lake environments. It’s great for resale and is a timeless finish when it comes to style.

Is the shaker style door phasing out? This has a resounding “NO!” for an answer. Shaker doors are among the first five-piece door styles to ever come about. It’s simple in design and lends itself to clean lines and straight forward design. So, I say, if it was goo enough for the Pilgrims then it’s good enough for me.

What is quartz? In layman’s terms, which is the only way I know how to explain it, quartz is granite that has been ground up and reformed into countertop lengths and widths. Put simply it is composed of 90% granite, most of which chipped off on the quarry floor, and reformed with the last 10% consisting of the binding agents used to keep it together and achieve the color and/or texture desired.

The best thing about quartz is that it is as durable as granite but has a consistency that can be relied on. By working with just a small sample you will generally know what the entire slab will look like.

That’s about all the space I have for this month’s article even though there are many more commonly asked questions I could have addressed. I invite you all to stop by with your questions and meet our knowledgeable staff as well as look around our very current and progressive showroom.

Enjoy your home!

Clay Cox Airport Road, Suites 5 and 6, Naples.

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