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by Paula Allia

There is a touch of Fall in the air. Every November, the weather breaks and there is noticeably less humidity than in our summer months. It was a tough summer with Irma trying to disrupt our paradise yet we are all ready for a little cooler weather with less humidity and a great season is ahead.

Fall is a time to make adjustments in the foods that you eat and the activities that you participate in.
Seasonally, crops such as squash, pumpkin, chestnuts and apples provide us with excellent nutritional
vitamins, fiber and minerals to help keep our bodies healthy. Squash and apples contain fiber, vitamin
C and calcium and apples provide us with quercetin. Pumpkin has a lot of vitamin A and potassium. Brussels sprouts and chestnuts are also packed with disease fighting natural phytochemicals and fiber.

All of these fall foods can be consumed and fill you up while not adding weight to your body while being very beneficial. Cold and flu season is around the corner and with so many people flying in and out of great state we want our immune
systems to be prepared!

In Southwest Florida, the fall is a great time to ramp up your cardiovascular health while also toning your body. In addition, getting some strength training 2-3 times per week is very important for your overall well being. It is time to start setting your goals for 2018 as the new year is fast approaching.

The key is to balance yourself with a well rounded program that will work on your whole body’s health!
Cardiovascular training helps to tonify your heart muscle and circulatory system with attempts of lowering your pulse and keeping your blood pressure in check. Monitoring these vital signs can give you a good indication if you are working at the right pace for you and alterations can be made for each individual’s needs. When a person exercises, naturally their pulse
raises in order to get more oxygen to the tissues that are working.

It is also common that the systolic blood pressure (the top number) will rise depending upon the demands on the body. This number signifies how much pressure it takes to push open the aortic valve so that oxygenated blood will get to the tissues in need. It is not good for the diastolic pressure (bottom number) to go up more than 10 mmhg or so. This
number represents the relaxation tone or phase. You do not want this number to go too high because it makes the circulatory system work harder and thus more demands are placed upon it. A high diastolic is indicative of an underlying problem. As you walk or run a little faster, your heart rate will increase but as your body adjusts and strengthens (heart), the heart rate recovery should improve. If you are unsure of just how hard to push your body find the right
professional that can help guide you safely as your body adapts to the exercise you do you may have the feeling that you have more energy and endurance.

Strength training, though relative, is important for not only your heart but the rest of your body as well. As you exercise to tax your body with the right form of exercise for you the body develops more tone and strengthens and your metabolic
rate may increase. This will get you into a good position for the holiday season that is fast approaching. Muscles burn more
calories than fat and provides us with the framework to perform everything from simple activities of daily living to playing golf or tennis or even participating in triathlons.

Exercise also triggers your body sensors to become more sensitive (with the right stimulus). This allows your joints to adapt with kinesthetic and proprioceptive awareness. The end result is that you can become more body aware and more balanced.
Be smart as you prepare for the fall and winter seasons by adding fall fuels to the body while getting yourself in a better place physically. This combination will also propel your mental attitude into the beginning of a beautiful season. If you need guidance in a program that is right for you, don’t hesitate to call the experts at Fitness Together where private
personal trainers and physical therapists are working diligently to help others like yourself improve their
nutritional, physical, and overall mental well being.  To Your Health!

Fitness Together
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