Fish Better

Ask anyone what it means to fish better, and they’ll simply tell you it means to catch more fish. But that is not the case for this Florida-based company.

Fish better is about creating a culture of responsible, conservation-minded anglers that are interested not only in catching fish, but protecting them and the habitats they frequent for future generations to enjoy.

Florida Fishing Products (FFP)is a small company started by passionate anglers to help develop better fishing products, educate the public about conservation, and raise awareness for issues affecting fisheries all over Florida.

“We’re anglers. Plain and simple,” stated FFP co-founder, Ty Nelson. “We were blessed to be raised on the water, and feel committed to fight to ensure the future of our sport for our children and grandchildren to enjoy. We’ve seen first-hand the impact of the increasing number of boats and anglers on the water, as well as the impact of development of coastal communities.

We believe there is one solution to the many problems our fisheries face: create a culture of responsible, conservation-minded anglers.

“Florida Fishing Products has partnered with numerous 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organizations, such as Captains for Clean Water, Calusa Waterkeeper, and CCA Florida in an effort to help continue the push to educate the public about the importance of conserving Florida’s estuaries.

For every online sale that is made through their website,, FFP donates percent to a conservation organization of the consumer’s choice. In addition, FFP provides valuable content to educate anglers on how to be more conservation-minded on and off the water.

Finally, FFP has begun to partner with fishing clubs around the state to plan community clean-ups to help keep plastic and other harmful waste from entering our bays and rivers.

While helping ensure the future of Florida’s fisheries is the end goal, Florida Fishing Products’ vehicle is their commitment to providing excellent fishing products to anglers. Their osprey spinning reel is known for its light-weight yet durable body, an extremely powerful drag system, and its sleek, blacked out, anodized exterior. A match made in heaven for FFP’s new distance premium braided line, which is known for its ability to cast further, feel the bite better, and avoid wind knots.

In 2018, FFP will also be launching a new pair of fishing pliers that will likely be the last an angler will ever need.

Fish Better. Fish Florida.

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