Finding Wonderland

Alice leapt down the rabbit-hole to find the whimsical and picturesque landscape envisioned by Lewis Carrol. In Southwest Florida, guests can experience wonder simply by walking through the doors of Everglades Wonder Gardens. Our wonder is becoming ever more wonderful, as we open seven new and improved exhibits.

Under the shade of our majestic banyan tree, guests will discover the Lightner Parrots & Parasols Courtyard. Nestled in a grove of crotons and cycads our fanciful feathered friends dazzle and delight under their unique old Florida metal parasol perches. The perfect photo-op!

Down winding brick paths you will find another new exhibit -the relatives of the infamous Big Joe, an American Crocodile and former resident of Everglades Wonder Gardens who lived well into his seventies. These crocs are much smaller than their record breaking predecessor but also showcase a lush exhibit and cousins of the nearby American Alligators and our Diamond Caiman.

The edge of this historical landscape is home to the new William & Judith Turner Bald Eagle Aviary. The emblem of our nation, this newest resident of Everglades Wonder Gardens and rehabilitated rescue is a stunning sight of strength, pride, and regality. A newly renovated home to another native bird of prey in need is nearby.

Strolling through the Wonder Gardens, families will delight in seeing several other updated animal habitats including the Jim & Julie Oberweis Golden Pheasant Pavilion, the Jacke McKurdy & Arden McCurdy Koi Pond, and the Sandie & Ernie Schaub Ornamental Duck Pavilion. Each of these exhibits will surely inspire wonder and excitement in our guests! This 85-year-old property still has animal habitats in need of updating, to improve the wellbeing of our rescued and non-releasable animal residents, and we are looking for animal lovers, friends, and supporters to help make this possible. Legacy and naming opportunities are available throughout our own wonderland. Please call or stop by to learn more!

Do you have a favorite animal at the Wonder Gardens, and want to help us care for it? Everglades Wonder Gardens is proud to announce our new animal adoptions program. Your adoption will help support the daily care and wellbeing of your favorite animals. Animal Family and Sustainer Levels include a plushie from the Wonder Shoppe, as well as a photo and species ID card –a perfect gift for friends and family. You can adopt online at Adoptable animals include flamingos, alligators, lorikeets and all  your favorites!

The Wonder Gardens are also a fun and entertaining venue for your special occasions and celebrations. Please visit to learn more about our new events such as our Enchanted Art Walk, Afternoon Teas, and how to host your own perfect weddings and events with us. Additionally, we have a full offering of special experiences and programs for your group, to make your visit truly wonderful!

After being closed for six months due to COVID-19, we have since reopened and are endeavoring to be better than ever building improved animal homes, creating new environmental education programs, and nurturing our botanical gardens. With your continued support our gardens will grow greater than ever! As one of the last remaining old Florida attractions, our animals and botanical natural wonders are our unique assets. Your patronage will allow us to grow our gardens and improve our local historic icon. We hope to see you soon at the improved Wonder Gardens!

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