Exercising with Virtual Training

COVID-19 has changed the way we all live throughout the world.

Our Naples’ world was asked to comply with the Safer At Home order that took effect on April 2 of this year. Prior to this, people were trying to figure out how to be as normal as possible. Many people hunkered down in their homes while others tried to go on with business as usual.

Exercise is a part of many people’s lives. In Naples there is no doubt that many in this aging population understand that both cardiovascular and weight training exercises help to maintain and even improve the body when done right. What is right for one may be different than what is best for another. One thing is for sure. It is best to keep moving and keep exercising your brain and body.

Everybody has different levels of strength, balance, coordination, and of course cardiovascular health. All of these are pertinent to one’s overall well-being. For example, many people who just walk do not necessarily have good balance. Muscles in all sides of the joints have to work to allow coordinated movements.

Balance is controlled in the part of the brain called the cerebellum. There is input from the eyes, ears, and a lot of sensorimotor information that is transferred to the brain with the body then responding. If all of the systems are not working normally, then one may have problems walking on different terrain or transitioning from a driveway to grass or sand. Do NOT let this system weaken.

At the end of March, the community needed to spring into action in all areas. Restaurants had to rally and figure out how to still serve the community. Many started takeout menus and even curbside assistance to protect everybody but still provide meals. Also, many community members made it a point to get takeout to support the local businesses here.

Fitness facilities were forced to close. This had a big impact on the Naples’ community. Providing physical therapy and personal training to local clients, something had to be done to keep helping people maintain some sense of normalcy.

Fitness Together in downtown Naples had been providing virtual training sessions for years for clients that leave for the summer months. So why not offer this training to local clients since they could no longer go into a fitness studio? Thus, this summer trend started early and extended to those who remained in Naples but that were not allowed to go to a training session directly for the safety of both the client and the trainer due to COVID-19. Even those who left to return to another home began some training once they got settled.

Virtual training sessions can be seamless and should be considered by all. It allows a workout with the direction of a highly skilled trainer so that you can continue to be as normal as possible. Keeping up on training can help maintain balance and strength during this time. The trainers learn of all client issues and can develop programs to work around problem areas while still getting training for strength, balance, and coordination. Progress can continue to be made!

The biggest obstacle to virtual training for some is the technology. It really is easy to learn. Typically, setting it up ahead of time can make each person feel at ease. So even if life is getting back to a more normal, we still may have a new normal for a while. Everybody should learn to work with a trainer virtually to protect the health and well-being of the body, mind, and spirit.

Here’s to Your Health!

For more information, please call Fitness Together at 239-263-9348 to help. FT will help get you the equipment you need to get up and running.

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