Examining Fatigue from a Holistic Perspective by Svetlana Kogan, M.D.

Svetlana Kogan, M.D.

Fatigue is a true epidemic of the 21st century and the most common complaint in the primary care office today. Those who have been affected by a lack of energy for a long time – are very frustrated because they have had all sorts of testing done and were told that there is nothing wrong with them. Most of these folks were advised to eat healthy, exercise more, get a good night sleep and – my favorite – “take a chill pill”.

In my humble opinion, the key to solving this puzzle is to stop treating a human being like a broken mechanism that needs to be fixed with some kind of a pill or surgical procedure. A good holistic medical doctor will start looking for answers by analyzing different layers of human being – and we have many – like an onion.

On the gross and visible level – you see this body when you look in the mirror. And there are certainly useful clues external presentation can give you. For example, if you notice that a patient has nails that are spooned upwards – this may signify iron deficiency anemia. Puffy eyes often herald slow thyroid gland. And there are hundreds of little external signs like that. Unfortunately, doctors who take ten minutes to see you – don’t have any time to check for these external signs. In addition, some people with these signs don’t have any disease and other people without any external signs are in fact sick.

It appears that the disease does not always read a textbook. But let’s examine a deeper, invisible layer. If we look at your tissues with a very powerful microscope – we will discover a whole new cellular level – from this perspective you are made of around 37 trillion cells. There is a stunning quality that is common to all of your cells and that is that they are made up of mostly water. In fact, our lung are 83% water, kidney cells are 79% water, and brain and heart cells are 73% water – you get the idea. Scientists have long marveled at the fact that we are water dominant creatures and one of them – Japanese professor Masaru Emoto dedicated his whole life to developing a way to analyze frozen water crystals with an electron microscope.

Dr. Emoto found that water is profoundly affected by music. In fact, exposing water to pleasant classical music like Mozart or Bach
– produced beautiful symmetrical crystals. On the flip side of these experiments – while playing cacophonous loud heavy metal music,
or just music with a lot of dissonance – water crystals would assume chaotic and distorted shapes.

In 2018 I was invited by CBS to record an episode for TV about soothing music helping to fight insomnia. The producers were fascinated by what I had told them about cellular water and how it gets affected by music – and they included this material in their 11 pm special. You can actually watch this cool segment by visiting the media page at my website CustomLongevity.com.

Being a holistic doctor, Emoto suspected that sounds most likely affected the water on the invisible energetic vibrational level and he wanted to see how the unspoken words – just thoughts alone – would affect water structure. You can probably guess the outcome… Yes, even thoughts alone – do affect water.

There are many conclusions which can be drawn from water research. Since we are mostly water and it is subject to change in
response to sounds, spoken words, and even human thought -Then everything we learned from our ancestors about the power of prayer and thinking good thoughts and evil eye- and many others things considered mystic and unscientific by the mainstream
medicine – it is all starting to make sense. We are simply feeling better when we are loved and cared for and when we exist in balanced and peaceful environment. On the downside, we feel drained and weak when we are surrounded by hate and negative thinking people.

It would be clever then to surround yourself as much as possible, with people who radiate good vibes, and avoid emotional vampires.
Stay tuned for more on this subject in the next issue.

Dr.Kogan is a Concierge Holistic Internal Medicine doctor in Naples.
Her website is CustomLongevity.com


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