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Many of us moved here from “somewhere else” – and sometimes it is difficult to begin new traditions or to adjust to a new area and its traditions. But the sights and sounds of the holidays are all around us in the land of beaches and palm trees – a little different perhaps than in the land of snow and ice but just as festive and the love of family and friends never changes no matter where we live.

So time to start exploring – you can choose to purchase tickets to concerts and plays or you can choose to attend many concerts that are free and open to the public. That list is long for the month of December:

  • December 6 – Naples Concert Band in Cambier Park
  • December 6 at 4 p.m. Christmas Concert at First Presbyterian Church
  • December 13 – Gulf Coast Big Band in Cambier Park
  • December 13 at 4 p.m. Christmas Concert at Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church
  • December 19 and 20 – at 5 p.m. Christmas Concert at Trinity-by-the-Cove Episcopal Church
  • December 20 – Naples Jazz in Cambier Park
  • December 27 – Music Makers Big Show Band – Cambier Park

Many times Naples is known for our expensive homes and restaurants – but the arts are alive and well in our beautiful city and the list above demonstrates that it is also accessible for all to enjoy. If you have children and have never had the opportunity to take them to a live concert – this might be the year to do that. There is nothing so special as enjoying a concert live and seeing the musicians bring the music to life in front of you. For all of the concerts in Cambier Park you also have the wonderful opportunity to enjoy a walk down Fifth Avenue – the town will be lit up for the holidays. This tradition has been going on for 41 years and will begin again on December 3.

December 3 will mark the 41st year that Naples has celebrated the Annual Christmas Walk and Tree-Lighting on 5th. On this evening the street is filled with groups and organizations celebrating the season, groups singing, children dancing, trees being decorated, and the family that is Naples coming together.

Another beautiful tradition happens on December 8 with the Annual Celebration of the Chanukah Festival in Venetian Village – the celebration of the Festival of Lights can be appreciated by everyone. But you can also plan to come back to Venetian Village on December 15 for a unique adventure that can only be enjoyed in the land of the sun – the Annual Boat Parade in Venetian Bay. Individuals decorate boats for the holidays – carols are being sung by the young and old – in tune and out of tune – but all with the joy of the season.

If during this very busy time of the year you just need an evening of laughter and fun – then you need to direct yourself to the Sugden Community Theatre and get your tickets for The Foreigner by Larry Shue. This comedy is one of deep secrets and diabolical plots that all have a comedic twist – guaranteed to provide you with laughter and enjoyment. The play will open November 25 – but will run through December 20.

This year marks the 21st season of another tradition in Naples – the Classic Chamber Concerts – performances at the Sugden Theatre. The opening concert will be on December 7 and features guest cellist Jarat Blajian – a 19 year old with a great talent.

As you can see the season of December in Naples has something for everyone to enjoy – no matter what their taste in music or preference of old or new. Don’t let yourself get so busy with the “things” that we think we have to do in December that you don’t have the time to enjoy our beautiful community and our special Christmas traditions.

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