Drug Free Collier Brings Good News

NHS CORE students at Drug Free Collier’s 5th Community Awareness Luncheon

NHS CORE students at Drug Free Collier’s 5th Community Awareness Luncheon

In today’s world, it can be easy to feel discouraged about the future. Heartbreaking headlines and negative images are commonplace. With this barrage of disappointing news, it is nice to be reminded that many of today’s youth are making great choices and encouraging their friends to do the same.

At 11 schools across Collier County, a great many teenagers have taken a formal pledge to be drug–free. In this pledge, they promise to live a drug-free life, show their friends that a drug-free life is more fun, learn more about the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol, and encourage their family and friends to be drug-free and healthy too.

These students have joined Drug Free Collier’s CORE Society and are working together with their peers to make a positive impact on their community.

That is something to be celebrated!

Membership into the CORE Society communicates a clear and refreshing message: “Everyone isn’t doing it!” With a strong focus on the vision of building character, opposing drugs, making responsible choices and maintaining high expectations, the CORE Society hopes that all Collier County teens will become responsible adults who make healthy choices and contribute to our community in a positive way.

LHS CORE students with their “Friday Night Done Right” banner.

LHS CORE students with their “Friday Night Done Right” banner.

The CORE Society started at Naples High School in 2009 with a handful of students pledging to remain drug and alcohol free. With the support of Drug Free Collier, the CORE Society is now at 11 schools and growing. Drug Free Collier aims to reach students in every local middle and high school in hopes of changing teen perceptions about drug use. However, support from the community is essential.

By supporting Drug Free Collier’s sponsorship of the CORE Society, local businesses have a unique opportunity to change adverse outcomes and show that our community truly honors and respects youth who make healthy lifestyle choices.

A financial commitment to CORE includes compensation for a faculty advisor to oversee the group’s activities and materials to support student outreach initiatives. The CORE Society is made possible in our local schools thanks to generous contributions from: Arthrex, Inc., Collier County Sheriff’s Office, Trinity-By-The-Cove, Marco Island Marriott Resort, Barron Collier Companies; Victor Foundation and the Collier County Bar Foundation.

This important investment in our youth is sure to yield substantial returns for our children and our community.

The key to the CORE Societies’ effectiveness is empowering students to make a difference in the world around them. Encouraging the use of their personal strengths lets them see that each person really can make a difference.

While in the CORE Society, students spend their time gaining awareness, taking an active role in their community, fundraising and organizing drug-free social events. Since the start of this school year, CORE Society students have performed skits at David Lawrence Center’s Annual Recovery Awards Dinner; volunteered to assemble boxes for Operation Medicine Cabinet®, displayed banners with positive messages on school football fields, created anti-drug poster contests within their schools and worked with the Collier County Sheriff’s Office to develop public service announcements about the dangers of the drug called Molly. CORE students are eager to help change their environment and are actively working to making a difference.

When students work together to reach a common goal and they know that they have the support of their community, the sky is the limit! Together, we can help make a positive change and let our youth know that we applaud their commitment for a drug-free lifestyle and wholeheartedly encourage them as they continue making good choices.

If you are interested in learning more about Drug Free Collier’s CORE Society or how you can help support our local youth, please call Drug Free Collier at 239.377.0535. Your involvement can save and change lives!

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