Does your hair need more protein or more moisture?

by Erick Carter

by Erick Carter

Hair is made up of protein and requires moisture. The question is how do we know whether we need more of either? Here are two easy tests you can use at home to try and assess your own hair.

The wet test: wet your hair and stretch it. If it returns to the starting position without breaking, then you have healthy hair.

If it stretches even more than it should and then breaks, it is likely you need additional protein. If it does not seem to stretch much, you are probably lacking moisture.

If the wet test does not work for you, go by feel. If your hair seems limp, stringy, and/or sticky, add more protein. If your hair becomes easily tangled, seems dry and weak, more moisture is necessary. On the contrary, if your hair appears hard and rough, chances are you have too much protein. If it is weak and will not style, you may have too much moisture.

Confused or unsure? Ask your stylist or call us. We are always happy to be of help.

I would like to invite all readers to write in your questions. You can do so by email at or call me at 239.777.2380.

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