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Kichen-by-ClayPart six of six – Installatin

There is no denying that we at Kitchens by Clay love what we do. A lot of the reason is that we care about the process as much as we do about the end result. It is exciting to meet a prospective client for the first time but it is exhilarating shaking their hand after a job well done! After all that is our ultimate goal…a job well done.

We realize that the cabinet installation is as important as every prior step taken during the sales, design and project organization process. We know a poor installation can nullify an otherwise fantastic outcome. The installation team should enter a project with a healthy sense of urgency, totally prepared and with a complete review of the project prior to the installation.

We have high expectations and believe all installation teams should include the following policies:

  • show up on time and remain on schedule
  • work in an efficient and professional manner
  • protect the client’s’ environment
  • each day thoroughly clean the project area and any space utilized
  • experience is a necessity

Kitchens By ClayFollowing these policies creates a great installation team to work with. Everyone will end up happy.

We hope this series has been of assistance to you and provided helpful tips and information you are able to use when conducting your search for a contractor. It’s easy to remember; always ask about the service standards, effective communication methods, product and job knowledge, quality of company and product, ease of doing business and the final touch which culminates at the installation of your kitchen. The previous parts of this series are archived at in the

“What’s on Clay’s mind” section of the site. Feel free to take a look.

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