Community Care … a message from your publisher

Dear Readers,

Reg Buxton Life in Naples Publisher

In January and February of this year the average age for cases of COVID-19 were 68-70 years old plus. The average age has as of this writing dropped to 36-38 years old. The majority of the people testing positive are much younger and are showing no symptoms.

This asymptomatic population can still readily transmit the virus and are the principal cause of infection. They refuse to wear masks and to social distance. They have become killers by way of their behavior. Their disregard for anyone but themselves is incomprehensible.

The World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control, Department of Health, physicians, nurses and our very own Naples Fire Chiefs without exception say its safer for ALL peoples in the community if masks are worn      in public. In order for the health of our community to be restored it is imperative that the Holy Trinity of COVID-19 guidance of thorough hand washing, social distancing and MASK WEARING be followed.

The end of this pandemic is a long way off. We are not through the first wave yet. We must set our minds to a long race to the end not a short sprint. That being said anything we can do to shorten this race must be done. We have the power collectively to be a part of cutting the spread of COVID-19 by thinking every day what measures can we take to help control infection and spread.

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