COMING FULL CIRCLE “The beautiful thing about life is you can change.” –Gene Reeves

by Kelly G Cooper


Gene Reeves grew up on a farm on the outskirts of Houston, Texas. As an only child he learned how to entertain himself whether it was collecting stones and gems or playing the guitar, he was always active and creative. As Gene matured it was apparent he had a unique talent to perform, entertain and create memorable experiences for the lives of those around him. In his early 20s Gene began his professional music career, touring as an opening band for such well-known groups as the Eagles and Cheap Trick to name a few.

After several years of traveling and performing Gene felt it was time settle down and lead a more stable life. He decided to pursue his other passion within the arts where he completed the GIA Graduate Gemologist program receiving the most prestigious credential in the industry. “So I cut my hair and put on a suit and started my next adventure.” He began working at a luxury retail dealer on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California and ultimately was promoted to Director of Operations of North America within the industry. As he attained recognition in his new craft his life took another unexpected turn. Gene was notified that his father passed away so he traveled back to Texas. As he was looking through his father’s belongings Gene found something that would change his life irrevocably. He came across an envelope addressed specifically to him enclosed with a letter, as well as a black and white photo of a lady and child. It was at this point when fate threw
him a curve ball and he embraced his destiny. Gene discovered his mother was in fact alive and living with a brother he never knew he had in Virginia. Stunned and in disbelief he came to another crossroad in life; rather than dwelling or questioning the past he chose to move forward and embrace the family he was now blessed with.

Established now in Naples, Florida Gene is flourishing personally and professionally. Appreciating his position as the Jewelry Director at Saks Fifth Avenue at Waterside Shops, he has the opportunity to share his technical expertise and practical skills. Whether a client purchases an engagement ring or a locket intended to be passed down over generations “it is a privilege to be a part of that moment where happy memories are created.” Just as Gene’s music brings joy so does the beauty in the art he sells. Gene Reeves truly is an inspiration not only through his life achievements but more importantly his attitude and values. “Just as a blank sheet of paper evolves into a beautiful work of art, a diamond starts from an element deep within the earth and over time evolves into a precious stone.”
Saks Fifth Avenue at Waterside Shops
5395 Tamiami Trail North, Naples, Florida 34108

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  1. Cheryl Takacs
    Cheryl Takacs says:

    Hey Mr. Gene…very impressed and excited for you on your life endevours. It seems sometimes that the time in Las Vegas was some strange dream. Rawn’s estate recently closed and have some 8mm tapes from Casper’s believe it or not. If your interested let me know and ill try to get a copy to you. Congtats and many happy returns!

  2. Chas Stumbo
    Chas Stumbo says:

    Thank you for writing this article about Gene. As a 20+ year friend of his I must tell you he is a genuine and caring person who is driven to be the best at anything he sets his mind to do. The world needs to know Gene Reeve’s story. Thank you again.

    Chas S.
    Las Vegas, NV

    • Gene Reeves
      Gene Reeves says:

      Thank you so much! Chas you are the very best drummer I’ve ever had The pleasure to play and perform with! Hope someday to do it again!


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