Claudia Polzin tells us about HIDDEN GEMS in Naples

Claudia Polzin
Consultant to Nonprofits

There is something very unnatural about the month of August in Naples – school starts! This is not the way it is supposed to be – school is to start the Tuesday after Labor Day and in many parts of the country it does – but here where temperatures are at their peak in August – school starts. Just doesn’t seem right and I feel especially sorry for the students that have to be practicing sports and learning the marching band drills in the warmest temperatures in the country.

Okay enough of my ranting about the “good old days” – what is there for all of us to enjoy during these last months before “season” hits again? August is probably one of the quietest months in terms of performance events – but it is a great month to explore some of the wonderful attractions that are here all year but many of us don’t take advantage of them. Just to name a few – the entire Collier County Museum group –featuring the history, archaeology and development of Collier County. If you haven’t explored the fascinating history of the three Native American tribes that were located in Collier County –now is the time for you to find out more about them.

Another beautiful location is the Historical  Palm Cottage located on 12th Ave S – the oldest home in Naples restored to its original condition.
If the out of doors is your favorite, even in the heat, this would be the time for you to explore the new Gordon River Greenway; across from the Fred W. Cole Freedom Park. This relatively new attraction is a paved nature trail and boardwalk with water access along the Gordon River.
September 16 – the Naples Beach Hotel will host the final concert of their 32nd Summerjazz on the Gulf series. So grab your lawn chair
or blanket and head to this beautiful location and listen to Late Night Brass. This versatile 10-piece band specializes in performances at
music festival. Each member of this high-energy group is an exciting soloist with the ability to ignite a crowd.

October sees the opening of three different theatrical productions – but there is a little bit of a common thread running through the themes explored in these three – a lot of introspection. The first one is opening at the Naples Players on October 11 – She Kills Monsters by Qui Nguyen. It is a comedic romp into a fantasy of role-playing games. This is the story of Agnes Evans who leaves her childhood home in Ohio following the death of her younger sister, Tilly. October 14 – Gulfshore Playhouse opens the regional premier of Paradise by Laura Maria Censabella. This play explores the question of is love a science? To find the answers the play looks at matters of love, faith and culture and questions and challenges our values that lie at the heart of our own identity, cultural expectations and personal desires. The final opening night in October is on October 25 at the Naples Players – Maple and Vine by Jordan Harrison. Maybe a lot of us can no longer relate to the hectic lifestyle that is synonymous with New York – but everyone knows their own form of stress. So this is the story of a couple that decides they cannot stand the hectic lifestyle
of New York and move to a gated community. (Now a lot of us can relate to that lifestyle.) Moving to the suburbs for this couple is an
enjoyment of the fantasy of living the Ozzie and Harriet lifestyle.

In between all of the theatrical openings – the Naples Concert Band will begin its 2017-18 season on October 15. So we hope you kept those lawn chairs handy so you can enjoy the concert in Cambier Park at 2 p.m. So find some gems you may have missed and enjoy these last three months before season begins.

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