Christmas in Naples – Publisher Reg Buxton December 2015

Reg BuxtonGreetings to our Naples residents and our valued visitors.

What a wonderful time to be in Naples. It is literally sparkling with lights of many colors and bustling with excitement. December in general and especially at Christmas brings the world to our doorsteps. The options for activities are limitless and the blending of dialects on the street is beautiful.

The annual Christmas Parade on December 8th is always well attended, very well attended indeed and always a crowd favorite.

There is something for every age to love from the bands, floats, children dancing and performing and the magnificent Fifth Avenue. A true hometown parade where you can watch friends and neighbors perform, some on the street and some who may be jolly in spirit on the sidewalk.

The restaurants in Naples are top notch and second to no other city. Chefs are in high gear presenting gastronomical delights. If you have a favorite spot to dine and a special date in mind then make reservations FAR in advance to ensure that you won’t be disappointed. Shopping here is world class, Third Street South, Fifth Avenue and The Waterside Shops can wear out even power shoppers. Local churches provide wonderful Christmas pageants and musical extravaganzas along with all of the traditions that we treasure.

For this moment in time we can set aside the turmoil in the world, drawing friends and family near with a thankful heart. We can be the change agent that makes that difference for someone else. Although the Season is brief, the intended message of Christmas can last year round. Treat others as you wish to be treated, be forgiving and slow to judge since you may never know the burdens that someone else carries. In gratitude for the life we live, call those that you may have lost contact with, make amends and share the joy. Naples is many things but most importantly it’s our home.

Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year

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