Building A Promise

by Clay Cox

A promise to me means everything. When I make a promise to someone or to myself for that matter, fulfilling that promise is the most important thing I can do in my life. The remodel business is full of just that; promises.

When we meet a perspective client we start talking ideas and making plans but mostly we start making promises.

Follow me on this. A prospective client stops by and we meet. Typically, with an appointment, we spend about an hour together. That hour is mostly a question and answer period where I can get a feel for what they want done and they get the feel for what we can do. A lot of what we talk about is promises. They ask me if I can do something or the other and I say yes of course. That’s my first promise to my client. The next step is to meet at the client’s home if it’s a remodel or organize a design session if it’s new construction. Being on time would now be the second promise I need to keep. These type meetings tend to “get to the bone” of the project.

For example, very often special or custom finishes become part of the conversation and of course we let the client know we can certainly do what they want. I just made another promise.

To bring this all together what I have to tell you is our promises to each other are the most vital part of our commitment to work together. By keeping my word simply by showing up on time is an indication to my client how I will treat them throughout the process. It’s that simple. In the end when it is time to sign a contract between us we will have committed to two end results. I will do as I have promised and the homeowner will do as they have promised.

There are lots of ways to buy cabinets and lots of contractors to choose from but the only ones worth committing to are the ones that make you feel comfortable that they will do what they say they will. So, check the references but most of all check and double check your thoughts and feelings. Was the process, up to the contract signing, full of fulfilled promises? If so, that’s the company to hire.

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