Best of Everything – Honors the Past and Plans for the Future

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Christina Bent, Founder and Owner of Best of Everything.

Christina Bent, Founder and Owner of Best of Everything.

What do Snowbirds miss most when they leave Naples? Here’s a hint: It’s not the water or the beach, not the sunsets or the tropical drinks or the charity events. It’s their beloved Best of Everything. When season rolls around, these are stores where nary a dull moment exists. Ladies take their trays (velvet shopping carts) and fill them with every kind of beautiful jewelry, scarves and accessories.

During the holidays – a time when the spirit at Best of Everything can turn any rainy day into a celebration – it’s an all out party as customers can get lost in the amazing assortments of sterling jewelry, fashion jewelry, handbags and all kinds of accessories for both themselves and their homes.

Best of Everything has been women’s first shopping destination for the past 15 years. For their customers know a gift card from this store goes a long way, it simply has the Best of Everything. When they return north and have to wait until they come back in a year there is sadness on the trip home. Best of Everything doesn’t want anyone to be unhappy any longer so they are going ONLINE ! is coming soon.

“We began with our Fourth Avenue North store across from the hospital and that’s where Best of Everything started 15 years ago – it all began with one store and we were the only store of its kind anywhere,” says Vice President Vickie Bergmann. “It’s unique because of the way items are presented.”

Many customers have been shopping with Best of Everything since day one and can now take their friends to all the stores including Bonita Springs and their newest on Fifth Avenue South. Best of Everything also has an exciting store in Kennebunkport, Maine. “They love telling us that they know us from Naples,” says Bergmann.

When Owners Christina & Christopher Bent first embarked on this journey, they certainly had no idea how successful it would become, or how passionate shoppers would be. “It’s in the way everything in the stores is presented, decorating with an upscale look with inexpensive prices and high quality merchandise,” says Christina. “We have always put in a lot of effort to be unique and pay attention to every detail because the customer experience is the priority. The place has a real feeling, making you feel special and our employees keep it that way.”The jewelry headquarters of Naples behind Mel’s Dinner.

The Bents are so excited about the e-commerce store. The Best of Everything reputation has stretched far beyond Florida and

Maine. Ladies go back up north, east and west and share their Best of Everything stories with friends, who long to have access to these products. Christina and her team have a non-corporate mentality, which they say works for them. They call it ‘the Just for Fun feeling’ and that’s part of the recipe for the longevity. “We do have a huge customer base to work with and that is where the  e-commerce comes in,” says Online Manager Carlos Vazquez. “Our customers have been asking for online shopping for a long time.”

The design of the website will reflect the feel of the store. The team doesn’t want to reveal too much because they want it to be a surprise for customers, but the elements they love in the store, along with the quality and similar styles will be reflected on the website. “The e-commerce facility will be here in Naples and we will operate the website from Naples,” says Vickie.

“Follow us on Facebook and other social media and most of all, if you want to be among the first to shop on the new website, visit today to sign up for the newsletter because that’s where we’ll announce when the site is live,” says Carlos. Everyone is excited. Now everyone can be a “Bestanista”!


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  1. Mary Perbix
    Mary Perbix says:

    I have visited your store in Naples. I would love to have your store in Mound Minnesota. I guarantee that it would be a huge success. Please consider.
    Please respond
    Thank you
    Mary Perbix


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