Bascom Palmer … the pillars of progress

Innovative treatment options, research, education and community outreach  will produce a result that improves the quality of life. Bascom Palmer Eye Institute Naples offers expanded services that include comprehensive “pillar programs” in cornea,  glaucoma, retina, pediatric ophthalmology, oculoplastics and clinical research. Through these pillars, the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Naples is able to provide all ophthalmic specialties under one roof.

THE PEDIATRIC OPHTHALMOLOGY AND STRABISMUS PROGRAM provides care for a wide range of ocular problems and visual impairment in children. Children receive short-term treatment of the immediate problem and long-term rehabilitative care and monitoring of their visual development. A full complement of diagnostic and therapeutic modalities is available in Naples.

THE CORNEAL PROGRAM evaluates and treats disorders of the cornea and conjunctiva including dystrophies, infections, corneal swelling, dry eyes and injuries. Bascom Palmer offers special expertise in corneal transplantation, high-risk keratoplasty, high-risk cataractintraocular
lens surgery, and diagnosis and management of corneal ulcers, scleritis, and ocular allergy all of which can be treated in the state of the art ambulatory surgical center located on the 2nd floor of
the Naples Institute.

THE GLAUCOMA PROGRAM evaluates and treats all forms of the disorder in adults and children. Treatment may consist of medical therapy alone or in combination with laser or incisional surgery. In addition, surgical management of cataracts in patients with glaucoma comprises an important part of the programs.

THE RETINA AND VITREOUS DISEASES PROGRAM is dedicated to treatment of medical and surgical diseases of the posterior segment of the eye. Our fully-equipped operating rooms feature  the latest in posterior segment technology and treatment methodologies.

THE OPHTHALMIC PLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY PROGRAM provides evaluation and management of adult and pediatric patients with eyelid, tear drainage and orbital  conditions. In addition, the program includes oculofacial, reconstructive plastic surgery of the eye, along with aesthetic and cosmetic treatments. These treatments and procedures are administered with care to not compromise the health of the eyes.

BASCOM PALMER’S CLINICAL RESEARCH EFFORT INCLUDES PROGRAMS led by individual investigators and multi-investigator programs with shared leadership. Patient-oriented research programs are a focus of our faculty and often result in clinical trials. More than 4,000 clinical trial patients participate in clinical trials right here in Naples. At Bascom Palmer Eye Institute “science is moving forward” at a rapid pace and as the #1 Eye Institute for over 17 years, it continues to influence the way eye disease is treated globally.


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