Is it what you do or is it who you are? Those who volunteer for the Avow Foundation feelit’s both. Volunteering is certainly an altruistic activity where our team members provide services for no financial gain but understand that the benefit to others is beyond measure. What they all have in common is the desire to help while adding meaning and purpose to their own lives. Avow Foundation volunteers have years of personal and professional experience yet in some cases choose to challenge themselves by learning new skills. Fortunately opportunities are expansive and the roles are indispensable.

Mary Ann Gwynn is one of those valued volunteers, her answer to every request is YES, she has shared her very personal story with us:

“Six years ago my Aunt Rose joined Avow as a volunteer and she loved the Avow mission statement, the people she worked with were like family. She also enjoyed talking with Avow donors and hearing the stories of lives touched by our hospice services. There were days that I was almost jealous of how she loved this organization.

I moved to Naples one year ago and immediately joined the Avow family I had heard so much about. Unexpectedly, six months later we were welcoming the Avow hospice team into our home as we said goodbye to Aunt Rose.

These gifted, compassionate and knowledgeable caregivers touched my heart! The heart of this organization and mine are perfectly aligned. If I can make any contribution whether filing, answering phones, greeting visitors, or any task, I know deep within my heart that I am helping countless families just like mine. God Bless Avow.”

Sandy Smith is also a Foundation volunteer, her friendly smile and quick wit brighten everyone’s day. She knows and exhibits the gift and love of service, read what she has to say about volunteering:

“I have volunteered with many organizations and consider this to be my most rewarding role. I am a volunteer with Avow because they were there for me and my family including my mother and my in-laws. The compassionate care that my family received extended not only to the loved one, but the extended family. The team of doctor, nurse, social worker, case manager and chaplain saw us through very difficult times. In gratitude it is a privilege to be there for others.”

Avow Foundation volunteers work at our events ,fundraisers, in retail at Treasures Resale Shop or provide administrative assistance. In any case there is something for everyone with great diversity. For additional information contact Foundation Volunteer Coordinator, Brittni Brown-Cooper at brittni.brown-cooper@avowcares.org or call239.261.4404.

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