Auctioneer Scott Robertson raises $500 Million for Charities

Scott Robertson of Champion Fundraising Auctions (CFA) announces that he has achieved an extraordinary milestone by helping raise over $500 million for numerous charitable organizations nationwide. This accomplishment makes him among the few fundraising auctioneers to reach such heights.

Robertson’s dedication to charitable auctions spans nearly three decades, where he has immersed himself in mastering the craft. Describing himself as a constant learner, he has devoted himself entirely to understanding every aspect of fundraising auctions.

Robertson attributes this success not only to his efforts but also to the collective contributions of his team and the trust bestowed upon them by countless not-for-profit organizations. He emphasizes the collaborative nature of his work, viewing each auction as a joint effort between himself and the charity involved.

“Scott’s unparalleled expertise and attention to detail have been instrumental in making our annual Saint Ann School Foundation Gala a resounding success for over a decade,” said Pamela F. Macia, Executive Director of Saint Ann School Foundation in Naples, Florida. “His dedication is unmatched, and I cannot envision collaborating with anyone else.”

His approach to each project remains consistent, centered on understanding the charity’s culture and objectives. By dedicating himself full-time to fundraising auctioneering, Robertson ensures focused attention on each event. He also keeps abreast of industry trends and connects with fellow fundraising auctioneers to continually improve his craft.

With a background in teaching and real estate, Robertson found his calling in auctioneering in 2010, drawn to its alignment with his skills as a salesman and natural entertainer, coupled with his comfort in public speaking. He finds joy in the culmination of meticulous planning for each event, recognizing its crucial role in its ultimate success.

“The night of the event is fun,” said Robertson. “It’s all that planning that goes in ahead of time that plays a major role in the event’s success.”

“Scott Robertson is a true professional and a master at his auctioneering profession,” said Michael Lancellot of The Bobby Nichols Fiddlesticks Foundation in Fort Myers, FL. “His energy, enthusiasm, and ability to connect with his donor audience is the best I have ever seen.”

One significant contribution Robertson made to the local auction scene was introducing the Fund-A-Need feature in 1999 after learning about its success at a national convention. The Fund-A-Need allows donors to bid on funding specific projects or items for charity without receiving anything tangible in return. These appeals often surpass the proceeds of live auctions and empower donors to invest in creating positive change in the world.

Robertson’s career in fundraising auctions has spanned over 23 states, showcasing his versatility in conducting in-person and virtual events. Throughout his journey, he has been immensely supported by key individuals like his wife, Mary, who has played pivotal roles as his lead auction assistant and chief bookkeeper. Alongside Mary, Sara Rose Bytnar of Naples has been a significant contributor, serving as his associate auctioneer for 12 years.

“I am grateful for my current team,” said Robertson. “Their collaborative efforts have been integral to achieving the remarkable milestone of raising over $500 million for charitable causes nationwide. Their unwavering dedication and support have been instrumental in driving my success and positively impacting the charitable community.”

“Scott has been a change-maker for our organization,” said Ashley Brown, Founder and CEO of Selfless Love Foundation, Jupiter, FL. “In just six years, he has helped us raise over $14 million for children impacted by foster care. He is such a blessing to us and non-profits nationwide.”

In addition to his role as a full-time fundraising auctioneer, Robertson now shares his expertise by helping others enter the field as working charity auctioneers. He conducts courses for the National Auctioneer Association, attracting participants from across the globe.

Robertson finds immense satisfaction in his dual roles. “I am privileged to assist not-for-profits in raising funds to impact lives positively. I also relish educating fellow auctioneers nationwide on delivering optimal services for non-profit organizations.”

Looking ahead, Robertson is eager to witness the evolution of fundraising practices and the innovative strategies that will shape the future of the field. With his passion, experience, and commitment to excellence, he is poised to continue making significant contributions to the world of charitable fundraising.

Based in Southwest Florida, the Champion Fundraising Auctions team travels the nation, assisting not-for-profit organizations in raising record-setting funds for their charities. Champion Fundraising Auctions provides complete access to pre and post-event consultation and night-of-event services. Clients receive guidance on the order of live auction items, timeline assistance, and expert advice on the special appeal. The CFA professional auctioneers facilitate giving in a way only an experienced professional fundraising auctioneer can. CFA was also a pioneer in fundraising techniques for virtual galas.

For more information about Robertson or his company, Champion Fundraising Auctions, visit, call (239) 246-2139 or email

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