Art and Crayton Cove

Once again, we are at the height of summer where we are thinking, “enough is enough” with the heat that seems to have been going on for months and months. Oh yeah, it has! Just wishing for a little relief! Thank goodness for air conditioning, but for those who venture out, this season brings beautiful flowering trees, plants and glorious skies that come with the replenishing showers.

It’s a great time to visit your favorite restaurants who really appreciate the business! It’s an opportunity for an early breakfast while it’s cool and then follow it with a stroll. Maybe even to our beautiful beaches where the clouds are lit with the colors every artist is in awe of! The arts are very much alive in town, too, so be sure to visit the various studios and galleries and refresh your senses with the treasures they have to offer. The evenings are equally as beautiful and enjoyable for a sunset stroll after dinner and a cocktail at any of our fabulous establishments. The important thing is to get out, look up and take advantage of what Naples has to offer, stay cool, stay hydrated and let businesses know you’re here for them, as they are here for you!

The artful eye really appreciates what’s going on this time of year and here we are once again when the clouds are reflecting the colorful sunsets that are a joy to experience. Naples is full of beauty and this time of year; we can see it as the numbers of people here are less. So, be sure to take the time to look up and look around! What better time than now to browse the galleries for that perfect piece that you need for that special spot on the wall!

Art is the heartbeat of a great community and the art in your home reflects that. It can also help create some conversation that can be enlightening for your visitors when they are here experiencing the culture of our area.

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