Hoping to hold onto its core strengths, Naples is transitioning quickly, at this point in time. One thing we have experienced over the years, is that Naples has been growing and changing constantly. We came to Naples in 1971 and it was a charming, quiet town that had a laid back attitude and beautiful weather! In the 50 years moving forward, Collier County has grown by leaps and bounds with many looking for this pleasant environment our area has to offer. It has seen many changes to get where it is today. Culturally, we have become an area with an active arts community, botanical gardens, zoo, parks and a variety of attractions to entertain the many residents and visitors. Crayton Cove, for years has offered a niche that held on to that “Old Naples” feeling and the City Dock hosted numerous charter boats and is the gateway to activities on the water.

This is the last month that Napoli on the Bay Pizzeria and The Phil Fisher/Guess-Fisher Galleries will be in their location in Crayton Cove, as the building they are in is planned to be torn down with the plans to develop a marina. It was our favorite location ever and fit the artwork of the waterfront and old cottages that we were presenting to the public. The galleries will be taking a break, after 40 years, from a commercial location for 6 months and see what the opportunities may be in the Fall. Holding onto our phone numbers and our internet connections such as web sites and Instagram, we can be reached, but for now, until April 25, we are located at the intersection of 8th St S and 12th Ave S by the flagpole on the Bay, where you can experience memories of what Naples was years ago.

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