Art After Dark

Crayton Cove is continuing to welcome residents and visitors to their charming niche in downtown Naples. The restaurants are open and serving dine-in and take out of their various food choices, which are many!

The handful of unique shops and galleries are open to walk-in traffic, with masks, and are posting their various new products on Instagram, as well. Phil Fisher Gallery is in its 13th season in this location and loving it! Guess-Fisher Gallery moved to Crayton Cove 10 years ago and Random Acts of Art has been part of this quaint commercial community since 2012 after first opening on 5th Ave. S. in 2007.

This “handcrafted in America” gallery features jewelry, furniture, glass, pottery and more. After growing up here in Naples, Rani Richardson left for college, where her part-time job at a craft gallery grew to 16 years as the manager of one of the largest contemporary craft galleries in the country. We are fortunate that she returned home and has this quality fine craft gallery here where we can go in and purchase some of these wonderful art items or buy online through her website, www.

Opening this month is a new store, “Paws Pet Boutique”, which is a welcome addition to our neighborhood! Galleries Of Crayton Cove are not having “Art After Dark” yet, but Phil Fisher Gallery and Guess-Fisher Gallery are featuring new works as part of their current show, “The Best Stocking Stuffers Ever”, showing numerous small works nestled amongst the larger works available. They are paintings that are easy to find a space for! Come to Crayton Cove and find a unique art gift for someone you love.

Located at the intersection of 12th Ave. S. & 8th St. S. by the flagpole near Naples Bay and the City Dock.

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