I think those who are artists are quite glad to be the creative  people that they are. The past many months have put that to the test. This, being November, is the month that the Arts are celebrated locally, as designated by the United Arts Council of Collier County.

The Arts are a wonderful thing in that they offer the chance to escape and dream. Many of these opportunities are virtual and because of that they can speak to a larger crowd who need their inspirations. For those who are in the Naples area, many of the galleries are open and showing their stunning works of art. Some are open by appointment and some are open shorter hours or days  during the week.

The galleries in Crayton Cove are some of the art venues offering such opportunities. Random Acts of Art is open shorter hours during the week and weekend and has a strong presence on the social medias and marketing works through email blasts. Phil Fisher Gallery and Guess-Fisher Gallery are rotating
works monthly with many new paintings each month as Phil continues to paint daily.

He markets these pieces on Instagram through his site; philfisherfineart, while guess_fishergallery shows some of the variety of works available through its gallery. They are open by appointment and 1 to 7pm Fridays and Saturdays. “Our Amazing Skies” is the show featured at Phil Fisher Gallery during the month of November.

Please feel free to stop by and see these  new works available during the month as our “Art After Dark” events are not able to happen yet.

Come to Crayton Cove, where 8th St. S. & 12th Ave. S. meet at the flagpole by the Naples Bay and enjoy a touch of Old Naples!

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