ART after DARK

We are blessed! We are surrounded by nature’s beauty and have a number of artists who creatively translate  this  beauty in their own mediums and styles that offer works to adorn our indoor environments.

Over the past many months, it has become more obvious how important the Arts are in our lives. Music helps create a mood that can help our days feel more upbeat and productive. Virtual productions can satisfy a need for the theatrical and visual art, need I say, can offer a scene to look at to start each day in an uplifting way that is priceless for our mental faculties. Art is a basic necessity that happens to be prevalent in the Naples area.

When searching for that painting that can brighten your days, be sure and check out Crayton Cove, by the Bay, where a few of Naples hidden treasures can be found. Random Acts of Art offers a wonderful selection of 3-D arts and special gift items that are decorative and practical. Phil Fisher Gallery features watercolors and oils painted by Phil Fisher, Jan Ellen Atkielski, Jeff  Fessenden, Lionel Heddy, Janet Kirby and Kevin Barton, who paint en plein air, focusing on Naples and its natural environment.

This time of the year, Phil can be found painting in the gallery as the weather makes it less comfortable to be out on location.  Guess- Fisher Gallery showcases batiks and pottery by Natalie Guess, photography by Nolen Fisher and Kim Hambor and pet portraiture by Tianna Fisher. Shows of works are changing monthly with August featuring paintings of “Nature’s Beauty”, while September offers “Inspirations of Summer”.

The month of October, images that depict “Living The Dream” are gracing the walls of the Phil Fisher Gallery. We aren’t able to have show openings still, so please stop by and visit where 8th St S & 12th Ave S meet at the flagpole, during open hours and “find your new favorite painting!”

To get a sneak peek, new paintings are also featured on Instagram @philfisherfineart.

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