Another Win for Local Veterans in Collier County

A big win for local Veterans is the purchase of the Bravo House!

WWCC purchased this home (their first fully owned residence) in July 2021, which was made possible by a significant donation of $275,500 from the Community Foundation of Collier County (CFCC) and a secondary donation of $20,000 from the J. Aron Foundation. The balance was funded by additional donations to the program’s capital campaign fund.

The Warrior Homes Initiative, in collaboration with the David Lawrence Center, Veterans Treatment Court, the Hunger and Homeless Coalition of Collier County and CFCC, will help eliminate local housing needs for Veterans. Since opening the Bravo House in April 2021, 100% occupancy has been achieved!

For the past 35 years, CFCC has been funding nonprofit organizations to improve the quality of life in Collier County. In 2021, the Community Foundation launched a $15.5 million dollar campaign, Your Passion. Your Collier.

WWCC is working to provide programs and services in three of the six community needs identified by the CFCC: Mental Health and Substance Abuse, Housing and Hunger, and Veterans/Seniors.

“Our local Veterans who have protected us shouldn’t have to struggle to survive,” said Community Foundation of Collier County President and CEO, Eileen Connolly-Keesler. “We know if the community understands issues surrounding housing and support services for Veterans, they will step up and support them. Engaging the community in meeting critical needs like these is what Your Passion. Your Collier is all about.”

Over the last several years, the Wounded Warriors of Collier County (WWCC) have served our local at-risk Veterans in need through various successful programs and partnerships, but the Warrior Homes Initiative is one program that is currently at the top of the list as the most needed. Current estimates show there are 90+ homeless Veterans living in our community (Source: Hungerand Homeless Coalition of Collier County).

The goal of the Warrior Homes Initiative is to achieve a “Functional Zero” designation, which states that every single Veteran desiring affordable or secure housing can have those needs met. WWCC launched the Warrior Homes Initiative, along with a 3-year capital campaign, adopting the Housing First Model, which includes various housing models to accommodate at-risk Veterans. The Housing First Model was approved by County Commissioners in late 2019 as a strategic priority for addressing housing issues faced by homeless or at-risk Veterans.

In support of this strategy, WWCC will open three homes: The Alpha House (Opened January 2020), Bravo House (Opened April 2021), and the third home, the Charlie House, planned for opening in 2022.

Additionally, in support of the Warrior Homes Initiative, the path to home ownership for WWCC will ensure the Warrior Homes Initiative will continue on for years to come.

WWCC relies on 100% of donations from our community, primarily from philanthropic partners and sponsors as well as individual donors. WWCC is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization, which operates at 90% direct program and growth initiatives and 10% on administrative and office expenses..”

The bottom line? The Warrior Homes Initiative and the recent purchase of the Bravo House is a win-win situation for our local at-risk Veterans in need and Collier County.

Did you know that your generosity can help house a Veteran for just $37 a day? To help support the Warrior Homes Initiative and WWCC visit

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