an ARTIST”s perception by Phil Fisher and Natalie Guess

As artists, “Life is Art”. We live art daily in that we view the life around us with what is considered an “artful eye”. We have a tendency to notice subtle changes in the environment we are submerged in and it is in the light that is changing constantly. The light is different at various times of the day and is affected by the weather and the sky that can be with or without clouds. Light, direct, reflected or diffused, varies according to where we are in the world and the time of day.

The early morning light is one that Phil prefers to create his paintings in. It has a fresh feeling and is at an angle that can glow off the side of a building or show off the pattern of a palm tree shadow that is interesting in and of itself. Sometimes the assumed subject can be considered inconsequential to the excitement of what is revealing itself in the light and the colors that are around us. The shadows are also very reflective of various colors in a subtle, yet dramatic visual expression. Beams of light can dance across the surface of the water defining its quality of being calm or active.

Each artist approaches his paintings differently and interprets how the color and light reveal the subject with the emotion he is feeling at the time. In Guess-Fisher Gallery, many of the paintings are of similar subject matter but carried out by the various artists to achieve their translation of their particular excitement felt at the time.

They can see the same thing yet see it differently, which in itself is sometimes just amazing. Some great examples of works by a variety of artists are on display at our gallery located currently at 985 Central Avenue in the Naples Design District.

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