Alpha House: Changing Lives One Veteran at a Time

Proud to have his own transportation now, Adam strikes a pose with his car in front of Alpha House.

“Alpha House made the difference: it means everything”, says Adam Stanbro. After leaving the Army in 1994, Adam returned to his home in New York before moving to Naples in 2004.

Like many Veterans, he performed odd jobs until deciding to open his own business building pool enclosures. Over time though, small problems turned into bigger problems and Adam found himself living in his truck, bouncing from one parking lot to another. Doing a few odd jobs here and there barely helped him survive.

Then, things turned even worse: his truck broke down. A friend let him bunk for a while, but it was time for a change. Through Collier County’s Veteran Treatment Court, Adam was fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in the Crossroads program at David Lawrence Center. He took it. It was the first step to a new life.

Upon completion of the Crossroads program, David Lawrence Center referred Adam to Wounded Warriors of Collier County and plans were started to bring Adam into the Warrior Homes’ Alpha House. After facing homelessness for over a year, Adam now had a place to call home.

Finding new employment quickly, it wasn’t long before Adam had saved enough money to purchase a used car.

Adam is the first to tell you that “Alpha House made the difference; the difference in getting his feet back on the ground”.

And, what a difference a year makes! After a year in Veterans Treatment Court, Adam graduated on June 24, 2021. It is both humbling and inspiring to see what a difference the Alpha House is making in the lives of Veterans.

Adam is now looking forward to returning to school and is making plans for not only a bachelor’s degree, but also a master’s degree in psychology.

Adam states, “Helping others and giving back feels right, like what I should be doing.”

These are the same feelings experienced when residents of Alpha House participate in community service projects, which included the distribution of over 2,500 meals in COVID relief support during 2020 and going forward.

For Adam, things are looking brighter every day. He was just given the honor of becoming the Squad Leader at Alpha House.

Coming a long way in a short time, Adam owes his success to Wounded Warriors of Collier County and the community partners who support their vision and mission. Wounded Warriors of Collier County, along with Adam and the seven other Veterans who have been directly impacted by the life changes afforded through the Alpha House, are grateful to our donors, sponsors and community partners. It is this ongoing support that has and will continue to change lives and communities, and ensure that “No Veteran is Left Behind in Collier County.”

For more information about Wounded Warriors of Collier County and how you can help support our local Veterans, please visit

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