ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE and jewelry


The Beatles (some readers will need a tutorial on this) sang “All You Need is Love” decades ago. The world sang along—and agreed. This grand human emotion is still top of the heap for most of us. Of course, there are more kinds of love than merely the romantic variety. Parents, friends, school chums, co-workers, pet owners, may all experience and express love to one another.

Fancy Pink diamond
pave heart earrings
from Leibish & Co.

This month, we turn our thoughts to those we love. It could be ourselves—that counts. Some of us will send a snail mail  Valentine card. or even an electronic version for instant delivery. No matter how you choose to express fond affection towards another person, you may want to add a little boost by way of a sparkling heart-shaped jewel. The heart is a widespread symbol of love. When it comes to jewelry, a heart tells this universal story dazzlingly. Leibish & Co. is one of the world’s leading fancy color diamond authorities.

Tanzanite & pink diamond
drop pendant in 18K gold
from Leibish & Co.

So, when they cut a diamond or gem into that iconic heart shape, you know you’re going to

Fancy deep pink heart shape
diamond halo ring in platinum
from Leibish & Co

experience something rare. Leibish Polnaur, president of Leibish & Co., explains, “The sweetest of all diamond cuts, heart-shapes are considered the ultimate symbol of love and romance. Heart-shape diamonds are full of fire and life, due to their unique cut and faceting. Additionally, they are one of the rarer diamond cuts, making them the perfect expression of your unique love and affection.”

We offer these extraordinary Valentine jewels to ignite your imagination—and think about that perfect someone who should wear each one. Maybe it’s you. The heart-shaped jewel delivers a message all year long about how sparkling your love story really is. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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