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This most favored time of year for many of us, Spring, brings with it the promise of new things, new life and fresh beginnings. There are so many seasonal celebrations to enjoy now, like Easter; bunny jewelry is always a good idea. Or why not strut out the Fabergé eggs for a bit of over the-top luxe? Mother’s Day is on our horizon too, making floral tributes a most beautiful gesture.

We’re thinking this is a great time to bring out some floral themed jewelry to signal these fresh new days ahead of us. Floral motifs are nothing new. Ancient Egyptian décor often emphasized the limpid reeds and water lilies adorning the Nile shoreline with their lyrical design elements. The Aztecs too, favored the symmetry and balance that floral designs lent to their monumental stone works and decorative ceramics.


18k gold Cattleya orchid cameo necklace with natural peach seed pearls and tourmalines; Courtesy Rainforest Design

Things like flowers never lose their luster as a design element, so may we suggest you consider an updated twist on this classic symbolism? The multi-strand pearl and cameo necklace from Rainforest Design (www.rainforestdesign.com) features an expertly carved orchid cameo—an indigenous flower in the Panamanian region. If you think you’ve never seen anything like it before— you’re right. The superbly carved original cameo was created by Wounaan Rainforest Indians who are celebrated for their exquisite carving skills. Subjects are things that surround them in the jungle; frogs, marine life, exotic birds and sumptuous flowers growing  undisturbed in the fertile rainforests of the Darien Gap.

For the discerning Naples woman who collects what is fine, rare, and precious, we can’t think of a more beautiful way to celebrate the new beginnings of Spring than with a modern take on the cameo artform—replete with a stunner of an orchid.
Happy Easter, Happy Mother’s Day, Happy Spring! 

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  1. Janet L Spiegel
    Janet L Spiegel says:

    Diana, these cameos are brilliant! I love the flowers and sea creatures depicted in the cameos. Thank you so much for sharing these gorgeous depictions of such talented artists! I want the Orchid and Sea Turtle!


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