A Season of Thanks by Diana Jarrett GG RMV

Could we possibly be wrapping up this year already? 2021 has gone by pretty, pretty fast considering we’re moving through a global pandemic that morphs quicker than we can remember the ‘new’ variant name. Still in all—not in spite of, but because of the pandemic, we’re discovering many things to be truly thankful for.

Short lists full of thanks                                                                                                                                              Have you noticed that our short list of items to be thankful for has evolved into things we always could have been thankful for, but perhaps were too busy to contemplate? I’ll start— A home, friends and family, good (often homemade now!) food, a few balmy rose-toned sunsets, and the promise of a new day when we wake up each morning.

This month, with Thanksgiving upon us, is seems like the ideal time to also seek out a harvest-hued gemstone to admire. Something that warms our heart, draws inspiration from deep within, and will be a welcome accessory all year long.

Guaranteed to warm you up!
I’m talking fire opal—and not just any fire opal, but one which has gone under the master’s skillful hand to showcase all it can be. Just like its name suggests, fire opal’s origin was a sizzling one. Unlike precious opal, which is semi-opaque with flourishes of rainbow hues, fire opal is more transparent and flaunts a jaw dropping hot orange tint. Fire opal formed near volcanic eruptions where silica-rich lava merged in watery cavities underground. All mysterious enough—but the final result is spectacular—and a bit rare. Found mostly in Mexico’s rich terrain, a few spots in the Pacific Northwest have produced this yummy gemstone as well.

Our featured fire opal ring –guaranteed to warm your heart at Thanksgiving and throughout the rest of the year—is skillfully crafted by celebrated designer Yehouda Saketkhou, founder of Yael Designs. Based in the San Francisco Bay area—loyal devotees here in Southwest Florida are drawn to his imaginative jewelry.
He also knows a thing or two about heartwarming the soul. “I create jewelry that warms the hearts of those who wear it – that is a powerful tool, so I make sure that every step in the design process conveys the inspiration, personality, and story of each piece.”


Fire opal may be just the ticket to warm your heart, instill an attitude of thanksgiving, and remind yourself all year long that we have many things to be truly thankful for.

May you count many reasons to give thanks in 2021 and beyond. Happy Thanksgiving!

FEATURED Photo –  “Thera” Fire Opal, orange sapphire, and diamond ring in 18K rose gold; Courtesy Yael Designs

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