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Artist Claudia Limbacher drawing design for spinel ring.
Credit: Gübelin Jewellery

Gemstone lovers may initially be attracted to the tempting colors of certain jewels. That’s a great starting point. But if one stays the course, over time a deeper interest develops—one of appreciating the gemstone species themselves. Each has unique places of origin, distinct color palettes and traits that distinguish themselves from other stones.

Take This Stone for a Spin
Take spinel for instance. Not familiar with this sparking ancient stone? You’re in good company. Many serious gemstone lovers have never come across this lively species. But it has a powerful history of being coveted by aristocrats and royalty alike.

Even with increased availability of gemstones throughout the world today, spinels are still considered rare and among the hardest of gemstones. The hardness factor is a big deal for several reasons. It will stay new looking and beautifully cut for a long time—and it takes a superb polish.

Recently, the industry has witnessed an increased demand for this scintillating stone. Collectors are learning what drives value in these bright gems. It is produced in a rainbow of colors including violet, red, pink, and blue. In rare instances, the stone exhibits a dramatic color change. When viewed from different light sources, the stone’s color may be seen shifting to another hue.

Secret Surprises

Original Ornament of Flowers Cocktail Ring.
Credit: Gübelin Jewellery.

An example of this fascinating phenomenon is seen in Gübelin Jewellery’s latest creation, shown here. They explain, “In sunlight, it radiates blue and under artificial light in purplish-violet. This 12.13 ct spinel has a highly recognizable colour change, which makes the gemstone stand out.”

There’s a reason behind this seemingly mysterious trait. “This spinel displays a further unique characteristic,” the jeweler points out. “The radiant blue is caused by a mixture of the color-determining elements of cobalt and iron, with cobalt being the dominant element. This combination creates the saturated and homogenous color of the gemstone, which makes it highly sought-after.”

As you journey through your love for gemstones, don’t be afraid to seek out the lesser known stones. In doing so, you may find one that reflects your unique spin on life

Never stop looking for a new story— in things you collect or in your life’s next chapter!

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