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Friendly, Naples is so friendly is a frequently heard comment around town. We are home to an eclectic population from around the globe, our full-time residents are living their dream and our “Snowbird” friends come for what attracted us to Naples in the first place. People don’t retire from life in Naples, but they quickly repurpose their time, becoming involved in worthwhile causes and social groups which enhance and enrich.

Our natural resources are a magnet which allows people to enjoy our environment in a passive or active way. Miles of bike paths and nature trails are a perfect way to unwind while still enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Both activities along with running easily lead to friendships with others who are like minded.

If water sports are your thing, you have ample choices to select from. Learn how to scuba dive, swim, parasail or fishing, these are just a few of what Naples offers. A leisurely day on the Gulf can include a fishing trip utilizing one of the many charter boats that fill our marinas. Enjoy our world class beaches, watch the dolphins jump, and unwind by day dreaming the day away. If you haven’t been on the Naples Princess lately then do so, their recent refurbishments are stunning. Their luxury yachts take you on a sightseeing or lunch/dinner cruises complete with gourmet food and a narrator to keep you informed. Don’t forget about the new catamaran, gather your friends together and make memories.

If its culture you seek look no further than our own neighborhoods. World class entertainment is available at Gulfshore Playhouse, Naples Players and Artis-Naples. An award-winning symphony orchestra fills Hayes Hall with time honored performances along with new names be they musical or comedic.

A selection of spectacular golf courses are within a close drive and can be enjoyed by the high as well as the low handicap golfer. The courses are pristine with intentional built-in competitiveness making for lively games with your friends. Finish your day with dinner at one of our gourmet restaurants, we have something for every taste and budget.

The Naples that we know today didn’t just happen, it was the result of planning. Years of thoughtful assessment and careful development and then re-development. In the 1990’s the climate for business came under fire and we came close to losing one of the important reasons people live and visit here. Instead of windows on our store fronts, we were very close to having 4 x 8 sheets of plywood covering up empty stores. What makes Naples unique is how neighborhoods and businesses work in tandem making our community vibrant.

There is a reason that we have a colorful and interactive community, we all live with one accord. We look beyond
our own personal needs and make choices that are best for all of us. The way that most of us see it is that Naples is the golden crown of the state and I agree.

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