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Is Naples a Boutique City ?

Reg Buxton Life in Naples Publisher

A boutique destination is a place that actively expresses its distinct character. Cities throughout the world are choosing to make themselves unique, carving out a niche in the tourism industry. In a world where within hours you can find yourself not only in another country but a new continent destinations feel they cannot run the risk of being thought mundane.

How are cities choosing to set themselves apart? They focus on the experiences and share the stories of what they do best. They do not attempt to be everything to everyone. Boutique cities go the extra mile with word of-mouth and content marketing and use the far reach of influencers. Events built around celebrity chefs, popular philanthropic causes, and the unique charms of the area are all angles boutique cities take to help themselves stand out from the crowd.

A boutique city must walk a thin line and carefully balance to both entice visitors and support the locals who call the city home. It must be able to protect and maintain the charm that brought both groups there in the first place all the while managing growth and development.

Many view Naples as one of the premier boutique destinations in the world. Are we? If we are, will we do what must be done to stay one? Is it what our residents desire? I look forward to hearing your thoughts and opinions.

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