A Front and Center Kitchen Renovation

by Clay Cox
Owner/President • Kitchens by Clay

One of the great things about being a kitchen design and installation firm is that occasionally, we get a design challenge that will test our skills. The photograph below is a good example of one of them.

At first glance you might see a small kitchen but looks, as they say, can be deceiving. The lower portion of the photo is an exceptionally large island with the cooktop and the kitchen sink in it. There is hidden storage under the top overhang where the chairs are. Behind the island where the dark cabinets are is where the magic truly happens.

First, we used an Exotic Veneer called Recon Gun Metal Ebony on a soft detail pillow edge door style. The dark color with the soft edge door style gave the perfect balance to the “all tall wall” of cabinetry. Look to the left of center and you will see the oven/microwave cabinet. Next to that is a rollout storage cabinet. Right of center we have three appliances in a row. The refrigerator is next to the wine cooler which is next to the freezer all covered in matching custom wood paneling.

The true magic is in the center of the row. What you do not see is that behind this wall is a combination use space that holds the pantry and equipment area. The center cabinet opens so that you can walk through it into the storage area which will surprise your visitors every time.

Notice that the cabinetry is not super tall and running into the ceiling as seems to be the case with all new kitchens these days. This design element was intentional. We did not want the cabinetry design to conflict with the triple tray detail in the ceiling and it also allowed us to put lights above the cabinetry for a mood-altering effect. The line of cabinetry along the top is all full function storage as well.

Notice the glass door cabinetry on the far left. We created a fully functioning bar in this side room with multiple appliances and lots of glass cabinets to showcase the homeowner’s treasures.

Enjoy your home,

Clay Cox


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