A Case for Pearls – Life in the Facet Lane

by Diana Jarrett GG RMV

by Diana Jarrett GG RMV
Few regions can boast a closeness to sun, sand and sea year ‘round. Fortunately, Naples is one of those rare communities that has all that plus a thriving little city with a great metropolis personality. A vibrant social life hums effortlessly through several months of the year when parttimers call this area home. Ah . . . but off-season? The natives flourish in their coastal confines, happy to saunter along the shoreline and bask in the sun’s rays while languid waves underfoot croon sweet refrains.


This well-defined city breeds a certain style all its own. And much of its identity plays homage to the sumptuous sun and surf that caresses the shoreline of the region.  Turquoise hues that mirror the Gulf Shore’s iconic shores are often favorite colors of jewelry collectors here. Uplifting and carefree, the many colors of water, from cool aqua, moody blue and bright sky tints pair well with the Naples woman’s color scheme. And don’t forget the pearls. Lurking along the sea floor lie bi-valves that often hide lustrous pearls until some adventurous soul dives deep in search of these alluring baubles.


This month, we look to Pierre & Harry, a local jeweler whose finger is very much on the pulse of the Naples’ tastemakers. P&H Baroque and mixed stone necklace fuses the most come-hither blue exotic stones like moonstone, blue topaz, amazonite, aquamarine and crystal with baroque pearl. Their charismatic, unique one-offs are avidly collected by women drawn to these expressive treasures.

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