WINTER WINDS life in the facet lane by Diana Jarrett GG RMV

Snowbirds flocking to South Florida soon are fleeing from wintry winds and ultimately snow flurries. Those of us who reside here in the Naples area full time can only chuckle at these woes besetting northern folks. Winter season is coming here too—but for Floridians, it means an occasional jacket and closed toes shoes. We’re spoiled. Still, there’s a charm to the symbols of the winter season in northern climes, especially with snowflakes. These signs of winter are as remarkable for their beauty as they are for the fact that each one is unique—each snowflake’s pattern will never be replicated.

Drawing inspiration from nature

Snowflake pendant with Rubellite tourmaline center stone with garnet and diamond accents in 14K white gold Courtesy; Robin Callahan Designs

While we can muse about the delicate charisma of the snowflake artform, for jewelry designer Robin Callahan (Robin Callahan Designs) it’s more of a reality. Based in Bainbridge Island, Washington, she finds inspiration in these fleeting jewels of nature. “I adore them,” Robin says. And on one particular evening she found inspiration, “while sitting in our jacuzzi watching fluffy snowflakes fall. So, I sketched a snowflake
design the very next day. I didn’t get to making it for months but there is something special about a snowflake. Maybe it’s the connection with holidays, skiing, or even playing in the snow. It triggers joy and happiness.”

Something we can love

Robin’s interpretation of these icy miracles of nature is perfect for Naples jewelry fans. We may not crave the wintery weather, but our appreciation for snowflakes might be as ardent as a winter night’s fire. Her Snowflake pendant is resplendent with icy white diamonds and rich rubellite gemstones. The center stone in particular is an exceptional work of art, as she tells us this is ‘old stock’ material. Rubellites are natural tourmaline gemstones, celebrated for their intense hues. Their gorgeous colors have made them a fan favorite with collectors for eons.

The delicate design and timeless symmetry of the snowflake is captured perfectly in the artist’s Snowflake pendant and is the perfect accessory to welcome the holiday season upon us. So while we may be watching the palms sway slowly with our wintry winds, there’s no reason we can’t wear special jewels that celebrate this holiday season.

May all your winds be balmy ones this winter with joys as unique as snowflakes!

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