What the World needs now is Love Sweet Love by Karen Coney Coplin

The World Needs More Love

February, the shortest month, has a special day, Valentine’s Day. Your offerings of love and affection may be heightened for this occasion. Of course, every day offers a chance to experience the endless array of benefits a loving mindset brings, not only to you, to those sharing your life in Naples, and also: the world!

Helen Keller summed up what many of us know to be true: “The best and most beautiful things in the world
cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.”

What might make your heart sing this month?
For each day of this February, here are some suggestions:

28. Share your joy. Is there a hobby you (re)discovered during the pandemic? Find an online community devoted to this topic. Your skills and abilities may inspire another or many others.

27. Share your enthusiasm. If a college age student you know hasn’t gone the “early decision” route, this is the month for acceptance letters. Give a shout out to someone bearing happy news or find a high schooler who is going to attend your alma mater. Give them an “atta boy” or “atta girl.”

26. Create a handmade card or, be a minimalist and send a handwritten note to a friend of old. Old school is always appreciated!

25. Ecards are also nice, too!

24. Give a compliment. Pick a day and fill the day with sincere (and sometimes unexpected) compliments. Genuine comments to uplift others are always appreciated and often have a ripple effect.

23. Do you have a favorite book? Re-read it if you have the desire; pass it along to another to inspire.

22. Do you have a favorite meal? Maybe prepare an extra serving for a solitary neighbor.

21. Hug someone in your household. Right now!

20. Remember a moment from your childhood which made you happier beyond measure. Can you share that with another who would appreciate it?

19. Listen. Really listen to someone who is having a bad day -or, hopefully, a better day because you have taken the time to care.

18. Remember. Someone you love has undoubtedly shared news of a happy moment that bears repeating. Better still if it’s something they might not realize you know and care enough to bring to the surface again.

17. Are you one for surprises? There is no shortage of ways to inject a happy note into someone’s life. It could be as simple as paying for the order of another behind you in the drive-through lane.

16. Pick up the phone. Call someone who would appreciate hearing from you.

15. Send a funny text to someone who needs a laugh.

14. Treat yourself to something special. Loving yourself is an important foundation to expressions of love with others.

13. Forgive yourself – or others.

12. Put an end to a quarrel which may now seem senseless. And even if not…maybe it’s time to let bygones be bygones and start anew. (If only to free yourself!)

11. Let your eyes light up when someone you love walks into the room. If that hasn’t happened lately, let it happen today!

10. One of my favorite pieces of advice is also a way of expressing love. “Give a soft answer.”

9. Affirm another’s worth. Find the words, speak them and share these with that person – as well as others.

8. Hold someone’s hand and give it a special squeeze.

7. Find a way to support your favorite charity, even if a financial donation is not possible at this time.

6. And do the same with a new favorite charity. Maybe a cause suggested to you by a friend.

5. Take a walk and notice what you love about your neighborhood.

4. Give a warm greeting to neighbors you may see along the way.

3. Support a local florist and send a friend a beautiful floral display!

2. Make time. Be in the moment with your loved ones.

1. Express gratitude. Especially to those whose presence matters in your life. Not just on Valentine’s Day. Today.

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