Tanya Trinkaus Glass

As a prolific painter and collage/mixed media artist, Tanya Trinkaus Glass has made a career of creating art.

Glass’ style emanates from realism but leans toward impressionism and abstraction. Her energy of movement shows in her loose drawings and her spontaneous expression in all media. Because she experiments very freely, she has discoveries, which enhance her work, and often lead her to create more complex, energetic and exciting art.

Through the years, Ms. Glass has painted nature – flowers, woods, beaches, marshes, palms and trees, and other aspects of her environment – always trying to capture the feelings of peace, harmony, rhythm, and often excitement, which she absorbs from the experience.

Creating mystery in her work intrigues her through layering, removing, and more layering. She has used many media, including oil and pastel (often en plein air),watercolor, acrylic, and collage with many materials including fabrics, wood, branches, old stuff, papers, each used to best portray her intention and most often combined to create mixed media.

Experimentation and flexibility have always been a large part of Ms. Glass’ modus operandi, even when she collaged or sewed as a child. She thinks ‘crazy’ quilts are awesome! Texture and color have always been the main focus and interest in her work.

Glass drew inspiration from the textures and bright colors of Van Gogh’s oils, the textures and simplicity of Jasper Johns’ art, the bold textural abstract collages of Robert Rauschenberg, the abstraction and structure of Richard Diebenkorn’s works, and,especially, the layering and varying textures which Odilion Redonused in his pastels.

These artists, as well as other contemporary artists, have inspired Glass to search, to experiment, and to find the medium or technique which best enables her to express her inner self through her art.

Going to art museums as a child was always a search for how an artist created the work in front of her, and that search and intrigue continue to this day. There is always a new technique, a new approach; a new question, which might inspire Glass to continue to create another artwork.

Glass has been an artist her entire life, but most intensely in college and then again in the last several years, after several years as a practicing catalog librarian.

Glass grew up in Stony Creek, Connecticut, but has lived in Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Naples, Florida for many years, painting life around her.

She has studied at the University of Wisconsin, the Maryland Institute College of Art, the University of Rhode Island, the Newport Art Museum, the Providence Art Club, Art New England, Maine Coast Art Workshops, Hudson River Valley Art Workshops, Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs, Naples Art Association, and other regional institutions and with various artists.

Glass’ artwork has been exhibited in galleries in New Hampshire, in Naples, Florida and around Rhode Island.

Her work is in collections nationwide and has earned many awards. She enjoys artist membership in the Providence Art Club (R.I.), the Naples Art Association, Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs, and the Southwest Florida Pastel Society.

Formerly she was a member at the Wickford Art Association, East Greenwich Art Club, Newport Art Museum, and was a cooperative member of the Sunapee Area Artists Association and Spring Bull Studio/Gallery in Newport.


“Freshly Picked”. Pastel on board. 20” x 16”. This pastel over acrylic is loose and energetic, reflecting off the feelings Tanya felt from the bouquet and its colors.

“The Living Pond – Naples Zoo and Caribbean Gardens”. Pastel on paper. 18 x 18. Focusing deep into the shadows and foliage of the Zoo gardens created this mysterious environment with all sorts
of textures and impressions. Tanya felt the closeness, secrets, and intrigue down in the life of nature here in Florida.

“Panther’s Woods”. Oil on canvas. 30” x 40” x 1.5. This painting shows the movement Tanya felt when she was painting the trees, the leaves, which were moving slightly in the breeze. It also shows the light and how it flickered down through the leaves out there in the Panther Preserve, and the textures of nature as they were lit, or not lit in the woods.

“Sabals Coming Alive”. Pastel on paper. 24 x 18. The sabal palms in Naples always have intrigued Tanya with the grooves, crevices, weeds growing and all those textures and colors in the ‘boots’ of the palms, especially those that snap off naturally. She has always enjoyed painting trees, but the drama of the sabal palms tops them all.

“Down the Trail”. Acrylic, charcoal, oil, and collage on paper. 14 x 20. The energy that Tanya felt from the movement of the branches, trees and light shows here, as does the bark
texture and other textures of all the natural elements.