by Sandra Lee Buxton

Juan Diaz

It only takes a brief chat with Juan to understand that the joy he feels in life is reflected in his art. Juan’s art is vibrant, bold, stimulating and exciting, a contrast to his quiet reserved manner. Born in Bogota, Colombia, his father was also an accomplished artist who recognized talent in Juan prior to the age of five. His father was a professional sculptor and ceramist who graduated from Colombia’s National University and was also an art professor at The National Service of Learning. What a pedigree! The love of art was definitely inherited and then with exposure and mentoring Juan developed into the gifted artist that he is today.

His family moved from Colombia to Naples when Juan was a teenager. He has used art as a creative outlet as he sought to understand life complexities such as freedom, respect and equality. Juan also explored the performing arts and is very comfortable going outside the established idea of art and creativity. He spent three years working alongside of another Naples artist to develop business and administration prowess which is crucial as a business owner in the world of Art. Describing Juan as a contemplative and engrossed artist may be too mild.

The list of where this incredible award winning artist has showcased his work is as long as a yard stick and goes beyond Southwest Florida. Where there is an art exhibition you’ll likely find Juan and his work. He has contributed to local charities, exhibited at the Holocaust Museum, Baker Museum, The Naples Depot Museum and FGCU. He was also a proud contributor to the Sidney & Berne Davies Art Center, Naples Film Festival and an entire series at The Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater. Watch the career of this gifted and delightful artist as the best is yet to come.

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