Etiquette – You’re Invited! Now What? – Manners for Mixing

by Evelyn Cannata

With all the fantastic social and business events in Naples, we’re amazed to sometimes witness the many faux pas committed by even the most sophisticated event-goers.

Let’s look at behavior basics to abide by to ensure success for you and your host.

  • You’ve been invited to a dinner or party; it’s customary to bring a gift for your host or hostess, as a way of showing gratitude for having made the shortlist of guests out of all the people they know.
  • RSVP. Why don’t people RSVP? It has, unfortunately, become quite common. It is impolite to leave your hosts hanging. They need to know so they can plan food, seating, refreshments, and more. When you receive an invitation, please respond ez s’il vous plait.
  • Please arrive on time. Arriving late does not show importance but disrespect instead. But don’t arrive 30 minutes early either!
  • Check the dress code. If you’re unsure of the difference between cocktail attire and dressy casual, check with a friend or you can consult Google. In general, choose elegance over sexy.
  • Have a little something to eat before you go. Please do not pile the food on your plate. You can go up again (two being the limit), remembering not to use the same plate.
  • There may be an open bar but try and stay within the two drink limit.
  • Please do not over do the requests for selfies.
  • Remember to avoid politics, sex and religion. Keep discussions positive and no more than five to 10 minutes.
  • Turn your phone off or put it on airplane mode. Avoid staring into the cell phone in your lap while ignoring the guests at your table. The only thing in your lap should be your napkin.
  • Say goodbye to your host and thank them again and try not to be the last one to leave.

See you at the next event, “Cheers”

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