Since 2005, Books for Collier Kids has given over 1,000,000 books to needy young children in Collier County – in Head Start pre-K programs, in Title I elementary schools, and through our partnerships with over 20 nonprofit organizations serving disadvantaged children.

As numerous studies have shown, literacy is one of the best predictor’s of a child’s future success in life. A lack of basic reading skills is linked with academic failure, delinquency, teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, unemployment, low productivity and welfare dependency.

Beyond those grim facts, reading is a positive, joyful experience, opening up doors in every direction. When the light goes on in children’s minds that books are their ticket to a galaxy of different worlds, they begin a lifelong voyage of discovery.

Delivering that moment to the children of Collier County is the mission of Books for Collier Kids.

Pictured Below:

1. Jennifer Siegal-Miller, Marcie Charles, Donna Eskra
2. Thanks a Million Room View
3. Dave Eskra, John Kolmer, Mary Henrikson, Emily Watt
4. Back row: Tom Rush, George Piper, Bill Melchionni,
Jack Pavlish, Don Redlinger and Tom McLoughlin
Front row: Lisa Lefkow, Peg Redlionger, Vicki
McLoughlin, Penny Piper, Alicia Melchionni,
Susan Dalton, Kathy Pavlish
5. Rev. Lisa Lefkow and Pat Jilk
6. Thanks a Million Centerpiece
7. Dr. Lois Bolin and Mary Polizzotto
8. Ellen Spencer, Noreen Morrell, Maureen Sperin and
Mary Polizzotto
9. Reg and Sandra Lee Buxton10. Thanks a Million Centerpiece
11. Dr. Lindsay McKay, Sallie Williams and
Dr. Kamela Patton
12. Ray and Veronica Kalich
13. Back Row: Larry Austermiller, Jack Pavlish,
George Doehner Front Row: Jane
Austermiller, Kathy Pavlish, Nancy Mains, Dee
and George Wardeberg
14. Sue Hester, Joanne Halstead, Tom and Pat
Schneider and Connie Messner
15. Thanks a Million Centerpiece
16. John and Nora Kolmer
17. Beth Thompson, Dr. Kamela Patton,
Sallie Williams,