Art after Dark – January 2017

Before there were cameras, artists were the ones capturing a moment in time, sometimes as a specific recording of history. The paintings could be literal or they could be impressions evolvingout of the style of painting that he did.

Many of the Impressionists were known for their landscapes, but the artist, Degas, was known for his inspiring paintings of ballerinas in the dance studio practicing their art-form and capturing the spirit of the exercise studio only theway a painter can. In more recent years, artists continue to “capture time” in their works of art in a variety of ways.Recently, Phil Fisher was requested to do a commissioned painting of the “first dance” at a wedding reception and to paint it on location.

He accepted this as quite a challenge and captured this special moment in time that truly represented the endearing environment of such a special event. He worked at the reception for five hours and finished it with the needed details during the next two weeks. Even though this isn’t the typical subject-matter he works with, the happy and uplifting way Phil paints was exemplified in this piece. He captured this “moment in time” in a way that a photograph couldn’t do. Artists will always be an important of part of community.

Kevin Barton, a plein air painter from Petosky, Michigan, will be featured at the Phil Fisher Gallery for two weeks in January starting with an artist’s reception on Saturday the 14th from 6 – 9 p.m. He puts amazing energy into his works that remind us of Van Gogh! The public is welcome. That evening is also the night when the Galleries of Crayton Cove host “Art After Dark,” when all are welcome to come and enjoy art and live music while strolling the area by the city docks.

The participating galleries are Phil Fisher Gallery, Nora Butler Design &Gallery, Vintage Charm, Random Acts of Art, Naples Ships Store, Earth & Fire, Guess-Fisher Gallery and Cove Inn Lobby 24/7. The Galleries of Crayton Cove area professional artist community in Old Naples by the Bayall within a one-block walk. Art After Dark is Saturday January 14th from 6 – 9 p.m. where 8th Street South and 12th Avenue South meet at the flagpole.

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