Excitement is Palpable as Seasoned and New Trustees Come Together to Chair the 2017 Naples Winter Wine Festival

First Time in Organization’s History that Four Couples will take the Helm

The convergence of experience and fresh ideas promises an exhilarating 2017 Naples Winter Wine Festival (NWWF), set for January 27-29, 2017 at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort in Naples, Fl. For the first time ever, the NWWF will be chaired by four couples, three of whom were founding Trustees and past Chairs of the Naples Winter Wine Festival, and one couple who recently joined. Together, they are igniting passion and excitement among the Festival Trustees and the larger Collier County community.

Lifelong Floridians Valerie Boyd and Jeff Gargiulo were among those instrumental in the establishment of the Naples Winter Wine Festival, with Jeff serving as the very first Chairman. The couple splits their time between Florida and California, where they are owners of Gargiulo Vineyards, a prominent wine estate located in Oakville, Napa Valley that is known for its world-class Cabernet Sauvignons. The two have continuously supported the Festival as Trustees and Featured Vintners, and Valerie serves on the Grant Committee as Vice Chair.

Denise and Brian Cobb were also among the group of founding Trustees. Brian served as the second Chairman of the NWWF in 2002, and Denise has been the longtime Chair of the Public Relations Committee. Both Denise and Brian have enjoyed careers in the broadcast industry, Denise as an award winning television producer, on-air talent, and one of the original anchors of CNN, and Brian as founder of CobbCorp, where he has been involved in the brokerage of more television stations than any other individual in the industry.

Simone and Scott Lutgert have a long history of charitable involvement in Naples, lending their talent and support to such organizations as the Golisano Children’s Museum, Naples Community Hospital, Shelter for Abused Women & Children and others. Scott was the fifth Chairman of the NWWF, and Simone has served as Auction Day Co-Chair and Marketing and Creative Director. The Lutgert name is ubiquitous for real estate development in Southwest Florida, developing luxury golf course communities, beachfront high-rises, shopping centers, office buildings, and mixed-use properties.

Debra and Bill Cary first attended the Naples Winter Wine Festival in 2013 and were blown away by the impact the Festival had on thousands of children in need. Since then, they have been active supporters and joined as Trustees in 2015. Now retired as the President and Chief Operating Officer of GE Capital, Bill currently serves as a director of Synchrony Financial (SYF-NYSE) and Rush Enterprises (RUSHA-NASDAQ). Debra is a former community banker and has been active in philanthropy, now serving on the NCEF Grant Committee.

“We have watched the Naples Winter Wine Festival grow from a small gathering of friends into the finest wine festival in the world, attracting vintners and chefs at the top of their game,” said Simone Lutgert. “This outstanding group of Co-Chairs, with a combination of years of experience and new, creative ideas, will help our team push the envelope even more and have a lasting effect on the children who need our help the most.”

The 2017 Co-Chairs selected “Bright Sunshiny Day” as the Festival’s theme, shining a light on the needs of underprivileged, at-risk children and the event’s mission of changing thousands of lives for the better. Since the event’s inception in 2001, the Naples Winter Wine Festival has raised more than $146 million for its founding organization, the Naples Children & Education Foundation (NCEF), which has awarded grants to more than 40 non-profit organizations that have impacted the lives of over 200,000 children. Guests to the Festival will enjoy the finest wines and food from around the world, and have the opportunity to bid on thrilling auction lots unavailable to the general public.

Ticket packages to this exclusive event, limited to 580 guests, start at $10,000 per couple. A $25,000 package is also available that includes reserved seating for a party of four at a vintner dinner and under the tent. To inquire about tickets to the Naples Winter Wine Festival, please contact Barrett Farmer at barrett@napleswinefestival.com or 239-514-2239.

About the Naples Winter Wine Festival

The Naples Winter Wine Festival is the most successful international charity wine auction in the world, bringing together renowned vintners and chefs with wine enthusiasts and philanthropists for a three-day Festival that raises millions of dollars for underprivileged and at-risk children. Every dollar raised under the tent funds the Festival’s founding organization, the Naples Children & Education Foundation (NCEF), whose annual grants and strategic initiatives have provided more than 200,000 children with the services and resources they need to excel.  For more information, please visit Napleswinefestival.com.

If you don’t back up, you can’t get it back!

back upThere are two kinds of people: Those who back up, and those who will.

That is one of my favorite expressions about the importance of backing up the data that is stored on your computer.

Computers store data – all files, photos, music, emails, etc. – on the internal hard drive inside laptops and desktop. Studies show that hard drives will fail. It is not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when.’ Most hard drives contain small discs that spin, and like all moving parts, the day will come when the discs will spin no more. Will you be prepared?

It is important to understand that backup is a process. As long as new data is being created and changes are being made, backups also need to be updated.

There are two types of backup plans, local and off-site. A local backup is usually kept attached to your computer via a wired connection or on the local network. Off-site, or online backups, are stored on a server that could be hundreds or thousands of miles away, and files are transferred via the internet. Each has advantages and disadvantages, which I will explain.


This is becoming easier, as prices of external hard drives are still falling as their capacities increase. External USB drives are available at any office supply or electronics store. You will want to buy a drive that has a storage capacity that is at least the same as your computer’s hard drive. For example, if your laptop has a 1TB hard drive, get an external USB Drive that is 1TB or larger.

This extra room will be used for incremental backups and will assure that you do not run out of space. Most USB drives have software that will automatically backup your computer, and allow you to select the files to be backed up and the frequency of backups. A 2TB external hard drive can be found for under $90, and external drives as large as 5TB are now available for
under $120!

If you have a Windows PC, you can find the backup program by going to the Start Menu > All Programs >Accessories > System Tools, and then click Backup.

If you have a Mac, the built-in Time Machine software will open when you connect an external drive and ask you if that is the drive that you want to use for backup.


There are several services that offer online backup services, you can search for ‘online backups’ and see what is available. Costs start at around $30 annually and are usually based on storage capacity, so the larger the storage needed, the higher the annual cost. I personally use the service provided by CrashPlan (crashplan.com). They allow backup of not only your computer but also connected external hard drives, so if you keep photos or music on a separate drive, that will be safe as well if a local crash occurs.

You can also backup multiple computers under their affordable family plans. Another feature I like is the App for tablets and smartphones. It allows access to any backed-up files from anywhere using your portable device. So if you need a photo that is on your desktop in Naples, and you are in New York, just open the app on your device and you can display, save and print that photo!


Local backups using a connected drive are fast, inexpensive and convenient. However, if a disaster such as flood, fire or electrical
surge occur, both your computer and backup could be damaged.

Online backups are becoming faster and also less expensive. They are convenient as they can be accessed with any online connection, but be sure to make sure that the service’s default backup plan includes the documents and settings important to you.
In closing, remember that a backup is only as useful as the last time it was performed – if your computer crashes and the most recent backup you have is from 2010, that may not be of much help.

May you have 1,000 backups and never need one.

Jeff Bohr
Naples Mac Help
239.595.0482 | jeff@jeffbohr.com


tennisWelcome to the 47th Annual City of Naples Tennis Championships-

As the traditional season for visitors winds down here in Southwest Florida, the staff at the Arthur L. Allen Tennis Center in Cambier Park are preparing for the grandest tennis spectacle in Collier County, “The Clay In May”!! This is arguably the biggest tennis tournament around and it is about to start.

With annual participation of over 500 entrants, spanning the entire month of May, this truly is a category 5 storm of an event. With its unique format of self-match scheduling and month-long play, the entire local tennis community comes together for this festival of tennis. Both the players and spectators truly create an electric atmosphere. This year’s Players / Sponsor Party and Men’s Open Division Finals will take place on the evening of Thursday, May 19th.

For over 46 years, players have been competing for the title of City Champion in this richest of traditions in local tennis. Historically, the area’s top professionals and amateurs of all levels and abilities throw their hat in the ring to take a shot at this prestigious title!

So come on downtown to the Arthur Allen Tennis Center in Cambier Park. This year’s entry deadline will be Monday, April 25th, so whether as a player or spectator you can experience tennis excitement and history this May!




Hannah Vogt struggled with one question while recently filling out an application to participate in the Youth Leadership Collier Program this summer. She was asked to give an example of a tough decision and describe how she arrived at that choice. But before she could submit her final application, she knew she needed to have a candid conversation with her parents about underage drinking.

“I wanted nothing more than to tell her…I’m sorry for not having the power to get them to not drink,” said Hannah, a Palmetto Ridge High School junior. As she described the outing with friends, she explained the tough choices she faced. “Although I didn’t have the courage to talk them out of drinking, I took responsibility for them that day at the beach and made sure they got home safely,” said Hannah.

Speaking to hundreds of guests at Drug Free Collier’s 8th Annual Fundraising Luncheon, Hannah shared her personal story to help everyone understand the challenges that today’s teens face. “I would like to thank the community and all of you here today for supporting me and making the CORE program available at our school,” she added.

Hannah’s story is important because it allows Drug Free Collier to communicate an important message about the prevention of teen substance abuse. Dr. Jonah Berger, a professor at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and leading authority on decision making and social influence served as keynote speaker for this year’s event. “Stories are the way we communicate. They are the currency of conversation,” said Berger.



Her story helps us see the positive behavior that often goes unnoticed. “People can see all the people drinking, but they can’t see all the people not drinking,” Berger said. “In colleges, it’s one reason binge drinking happens. People tend to imitate what they can see,” he added.

For Hannah, the CORE Society helps her see that she is not alone in her decision to remain drug and alcohol free.

Hundreds of local supporters and distinguished guests attended this year’s event and pledged their commitment to protecting local children from substance abuse. Their generous support allows Drug Free Collier to continue programs that allow Collier County youth to grow up healthy and reach their full potential. “It’s encouraging to see that so many people in Collier County are willing to make a difference in the lives of our youth,” said Melanie Black, Executive Director of Drug Free Collier.

This year Drug Free Collier also honored Shawn McGrail, Vice President and Partner of Coastal Beverage for his role in preventing underage drinking. McGrail has been an active partner of Drug Free Collier since 2005 first as a volunteer and later as a member of the Board of Directors. He oversees the Operations Division of Coastal Beverage and also coordinates Alcohol Awareness Programs in Collier and South Lee County.

“Nowadays, parents find themselves engaging in some pretty intense conversations with their children – perhaps while their children are still surprisingly young. The more knowledge we can provide parents, the more power they will have when it comes to raising their children,” said McGrail.



“Thanks to our work with key stakeholders, like Coastal Beverage, alcohol consumption by teens in Collier County has dropped from 43% in 2005 to 29% in 2014,” said Black.“We couldn’t have done this without the strong support of community partners.”

Drug Free Collier’s Annual Fundraising Luncheon also included special appearances by City of Naples Mayor John Sorey as celebrity auctioneer and Fox 4 News Anchor Patrick Nolan as Master of Ceremonies.

To learn more about Drug Free Collier visit www.DrugFreeCollier.org


beverlys glassby Sandra Lee Buxton

Beverly Albert’s work in blown, etched and carved glass along with stained glass windows is collected worldwide. When you look at the photographs of her completed treasures, you can clearly see why. Maybe it’s just me but I would say that her chandeliers which are made in the Chihuly style are extraordinary.

Seeing them in person is just awesome and I mean that literally, you are in awe. Fortunately she lives in Naples and her works can be seen in her gallery and commissioned with personal specifications. Beverly herself is a petite woman with a soft voice and a quiet demeanor, not the size in stature that you would expect from such a LARGE and memorable art form.

She began her love of stained glass at a young age becoming enchanted with the windows of her childhood church. Beautiful colors which changed in intensity as light streamed through them were mesmerizing. Working in stained glass as a young adult was all encompassing and upon perfecting her craft she added carved and etched glass to her repertoire. Beverly developed an interest in working with “hot” glass but found that there was little information and instruction available. Not willing to be limited by “what wasn’t” she was determined to see “what could be.” She had an opportunity to work with experts in the field of hot glass in Miami, gleaned information then incorporated her own ideas and techniques. Beverly soon established her own hot glass studio and began making her mark in the contemporary studio glass movement. Her work is now collected nationally as well as internationally and showcased on the prestigious Oceania Cruise Line.

beverly design windowBeverly states that she is self taught and works almost exclusively in the medium of glass. Inspired by nature, architecture and traditional art forms her creative potential is limitless. She describes her art as “painting with light” and feels that her work is more than just a beautiful object but a window into a world of stunning beauty. I couldn’t agree more.

I’ll share a little information so that you can understand the complexity of Beverly’s work. Chandeliers can take between four to six months to create and weigh between 100 – 1,000 pounds, with a price ranging between $48,000 to $450,000.

Commercial installations are priced much higher since they are more labor intensive. Wall displays are in organic form and range from $15,000 to $150,000, table arrangement sets range from $2,000 to $30,000 and take 4-6 weeks to complete.

Stained glass projects are primarily made for large areas of a home and completion time can be between 3-6 months depending on the scope of the work. If custom beveling is needed or exotic glass is used that increases time and price.

Sections for this work are mouth blown. Sandblasted deep carved glass can take from three to sixteen weeks to complete. Carving is done by hand with the same equipment (pressure pot) that is used to carve tomb stones. I’ll let the photos tell the rest of her story. Meeting this humble artist is a delightful experience, her warm caring smile and welcoming attitude will make your day. Beverly can be contacted at naplesglass@gmail.com or by calling 239.455.0037.



by Catherine Fay,
Owner and VP

Owners of Naples Air, Inc. Jon and Catherine Fay

Owners of Naples Air, Inc. Jon and Catherine Fay

This year, season has been busy for all of us and that’s a great thing! From restaurants, grocery stores and shopping centers to popular tourist attractions, everyone seems to be particularly happy with our seasonal residents shopping habits.

Here at Naples Air, we’ve flown a lot of visitors from Canada and Europe to The Bahamas, Key West and Orlando on day trips and overnight trips. The destinations are close enough to be convenient and different enough to be an exciting getaway.

Our Citation II jet, with a range of 1500 miles, has also been very busy. From Chicago to Baltimore and everywhere in between,
our pilots got a chance to experience some milder than usual, but still some cold winter weather.

We’ve flown to Canada, Grand Cayman and Mexico and are quoting many trips for April and May as snowbirds make plans to fly back to their summer homes.

Travelers often ask if we can match them up with other people traveling to the same destination. For instance, New York metro
area where Teterboro is the airport most often used for charter fleets. My answer is always that they probably know other people
who live in their same area up North. I suggest they try and get some of those people to agree on when they want to travel and
then we can make the arrangements. When passengers share a plane it’s still considered a charter; the advantage being they share
the cost and we’re happy to accommodate when people organize their own group. Our jet can accommodate seven passengers with light luggage.

We expect the summer months to be busy again this year with summer family vacations. The weather in the Great Lakes states,
as well as New England, and the beach towns along the Carolinas and Georgia are something to behold during the summer months and are all destinations for summer fun.

So whether you want to fly to your summer home up North or plan a summer getaway, we’d be happy to quote flights in our
Citation II jet, Cheyenne III turbo prop, and Piper Navajo. Call 239.403.4838 and check our website at www.NaplesAirInc.com
and www.Facebook.com/NaplesAirInc Thank you snowbirds for the vibrancy you bring to our community!


TAMING THE UNTAMED: Ideas for organizing your financial affairs, not forgetting some of the most overlooked items like computer passwords

Jill-Ciccarelli-Rappsby Jill Ciccarelli Rapps, CFP®
Financial Advisor

Thanks to modern technology, it’s more possible now than ever before to get control of your finances and move your current situation towards a better, more stable future. But while there are plenty of tools and resources that can help with this, the fact remains that the wide range of access to financial tools and technologies can often create a situation wherein your overall financial stability is a bit of a jungle.


Taming the wilds of your finances isn’t impossible and if you’ll remember a few basic tips, you can get the upper hand and master your financial situation no matter how wild and untamed it might seem.

Here are a few of the key tips to keep in mind that can help with this.

  • Consolidate Passwords – Start by getting control of your passwords. Experts agree that having the same password for every
    account isn’t a good idea, and changing your passwords every so often can also help. Today there are many programs that will keep track and create passwords for you; you only need one password to open it and it will automatically fill in your passwords for your web sites. Now you only have one password that your family or durable power of attorney needs to know to access your password list.
  • Consider Auto Bill Pay – Even more convenient is the ability to set up your bills so that they’re automatically deducted from your account. This lets you avoid the issue of forgetting a specific bill, can make traveling much easier, and can be a good option if you are not fully capable of managing your money effectively. Just be sure you keep a list for your heirs of what bills are on auto pay (monthly, quarterly or annually) and review your statements regularly to be sure there are no signs of identity theft on your accounts.
  • Check Your Credit Score – Knowing what your credit score is and taking advantage of pulling your free once a year credit report can be a great window into your finances. This will help you see if you need to modify credit to increase your score or if there are any signs of someone stealing your identity. With the advancement of identity theft, this is a must!
  • Know Your Spending Budget – Clearly document what prosperity looks like for you and then align your spending habits to support your most important goals. Know where your money is going and take control of your financial destiny. This will help you to make future financial decisions quicker and more wisely.
  • Consolidate Accounts and Simplify – If you have too many bank, investment or credit card accounts, it can not only cost you big but be a challenge to manage as well. Look at what you really need, see if any accounts can be consolidated, and reduce the number of credit cards you use. This can save you money while also helping save you time when managing your finances.
  • Use One Place For All Your Important Documents – Most people have documents in their files, safe deposit boxes and maybe even “the cloud”. Here’s a test, if someone had to step up on your behalf, could they in one hour understand where everything is located and what your current financial situation is? If not, it’s time to review your files, take out your important documents and set up a secure place to keep them. Give the location and password if applicable to your durable power of attorney or your family members.
  • Go Paperless – The clutter of paper bills is tremendous. By simply signing up for paperless billing from most of your accounts you can reduce the hassle of trying to keep up with all those stacks of papers. Not to mention you can save a lot of trees!


The key to better financial health starts with just being more organized and mindful of your finances. The tips above can make it easier to do just that and to move yourself towards a much healthier and more organized life in terms of your financial state. To obtain assistance with the process and to learn more about how we can help, contact Ciccarelli Advisory Services, Inc. today.

Jill Ciccarelli Rapps, CFP®

Ciccarelli Advisory Services, Inc. is located at 9601 Tamiami Trail North, Naples, FL (239.262.6577)

Jill Ciccarelli Rapps, is a certified financial planner and a trained life coach and is a Partner of Ciccarelli Advisory Services Inc., a Family Focused Wealth Management Firm in Florida and New York.

Ciccarelli Advisory Services, Inc. is located at 9601 Tamiami Trail North, Naples, FL (239.262.6577)

Investment advisory services offered through Ciccarelli Advisory Services, Inc., a registered investment adviser independent of FSC Securities Corporation. Securities and additional investment advisory services offered through FSC Securities Corporation, member FINRA/ SIPC and a registered investment adviser


Michael Wiener, E.A.

Michael Wiener, E.A.

by Michael Wiener, E.A.

Certain withholding requirements apply that a foreign person should be aware of when purchasing a United States Real Property Interest (USRPI). A withholding agent is the person responsible for withholding on payments made to a foreign person.

However, certain exceptions apply if (1) a WA can reliably associate the payment with documentation from a U.S. person; (2) a reduced rate (including an exemption) to withholding may apply if a WA can reliably associate the payment with documentation from a beneficial owner that is a foreign person entitled to a reduced rate of withholding).

You are a U.S. or foreign person, when you have control, receipt, custody, disposal, or payment of an amount subject to withholding. Under IRC section 1446, a WA may also be an individual, corporation, partnership, trust, association, nominee, or any other entity, including any foreign intermediary, foreign partnership, or U.S. branch of certain foreign banks and insurance companies. The full tax is required to be withheld only once. As a WA, you are personally liable for any tax required to be withheld. This liability is independent of the tax liability of the foreign person to whom the payment is made. If you fail to withhold and the foreign payee fails to satisfy its U.S. tax liability, then both you and the foreign person are liable for tax as well as interest and any applicable penalties. In no case, should you withhold more than 30% of the payment in escrow until the earlier of the date that the amount of income from U.S. sources or the taxable amount can be determined or one year from the date the amount is placed in escrow at which time the withholding becomes due or, to the extent that withholding is not required, the escrowed amount must be paid to the payee.

Withholding is required at the time you make a payment of an amount subject to withholding. A payment is made to a person if that person realizes income, whether or not there is an actual transfer of cash or other property. A payment is considered made to a person if it is made for that person’s benefit.

Additionally, a payment is also considered made to a person if it is made to that person’s agent. A U.S. partnership should withhold when any distributions that include amounts subject to withholding are made. However, if a foreign partner’s distributive share of income subject to withholding is not actually distributed the U.S. partnership must withhold on the foreign partner’s distributive share of the income on the earlier of the date that a Schedule K-1, Form 1065 is provided or mailed to the partner or the due date for furnishing that schedule. A U.S. trust is required to withhold on the amount includible in the gross income of a foreign beneficiary to the extent the trust’s distributable net income consists of amounts subject to withholding. In most cases, you must withhold 30% from the gross amount paid to a foreign payee unless you can reliably associate the payment with valid documentation that establishes the following: (1) The payee is a U.S. person; (2) The payee is a foreign person that is the beneficial owner of the income and is entitled to a reduced rate of withholding under the Code or an applicable income tax treaty.

If you make a payment to joint payees: e.g. (holders of a joint account) you need to get documentation from each payee. If you
make a payment to joint payees and cannot reliably associate the payment with documentation from all of the payees, presume the payment is made to an unidentified U.S. person. See Forms 1042; 1042-S, 8805, 8288, 8288-A, W-8 BEN, W-8 BEN-E, and W-9.

If you should have a topic that you would like me to discuss or if you should have a question, please feel free to call 239.403.4410 or e-mail me at mike@cctaxandaccounting.com.

An enrolled agent, licensed by the US Department of the Treasury to represent taxpayers before the IRS for audits, collections and appeals. To attain the enrolled agent designation, candidates must demonstrate expertise in taxation, fulfill continuing education credits and adhere to a stringent code of ethics

CCSO Debuts New CAD System



The Collier County Sheriff ’s Office has replaced its 17-year-old computeraided dispatch (CAD) system. Three years of planning and preparation; 15,000 hours of provisioning and network preparation and installation; and 14,000 hours of training for 911 telecommunicators and first responders went into the project, making it the most ambitious system upgrade in the agency’s

This upgrade gives all Collier County EMS, county fire departments and Marco Island police and fire departments in-vehicle access to CAD, providing first responders with live updates to incidents as captured at the CCSO 911 center.

Enhanced 911 maps provide supplemental data such as floor plans, hazardous materials, hydrant locations and shortest-distance routing.

It’s part of Sheriff Kevin Rambosk’s vision of a Next Generation Communications System, a group of initiatives being implemented to enhance public safety.

These initiatives shorten response times to calls for service by streamlining the communications process, providing closest unit response and agency-to-agency coordination, and enhancing resource allocation.

“This has been a major undertaking, and I am proud of everyone who helped make it possible,” Sheriff Rambosk said. “The new CAD system and the rest of the Next Generation 911 initiatives provide our community with technology that will enhance public safety and reduce response times.”

The late January activation of the system is in accordance with the timeline that
was established at the outset of the project in 2013. Elements of the CAD system are:

LOCUTION – Network-based fire and EMS alerting in stations with digitized voice. Locution allows near simultaneous dispatch for multiple calls, reducing time from call receipt to unit dispatch.

PROQA (EMD) – Computerized software to guide 911 call takers through medical protocols and provide Emergency Medical

ZETRON (BACKUP VHF PAGING) – CAD interface to Zetron model 25 paging encoder to send Motorola two-tone paging signals over VHF radio system to alert Fire/EMS units in case of Locution failure

DECCAN LIVE MUM – Move-up module that monitors Fire/EMS unit status from CAD and provides dispatchers with visual coverage indicators and recommendations for moving units to areas needing coverage. An additional feature from Deccan International dynamically monitors fire and EMS incidents and “identifies holes in coverage or changes in a unit’s status then recommends instantaneously the optimal move-ups for apparatus.”

E911 ANI/ALI – Interface that takes the automatic location information from the 911 call and populates the information into the CAD application

HIPLINK (SMS NOTIFICATION) – SMS (text) and e-mail notification module that allows dispatchers to send messages to groups or users via cellular devices (SWAT & Dive teams, Emergency Management notifications, personnel call-outs, etc.)

P1 MOBILE (WINGS) -Application interface to provide incident data from a mobile CAD device into an officer’s incident report

TRITIER RMS – Interface to take CAD incident data and automatically populate the CCSO Record Management System (Windows for Government Systems-WinGS) FCIC/NCIC QUERIES – National Crime Information Center and Florida Crime Information Center databases, which provide information on fugitives, missing persons, stolen property, sex offenders and other data that helps law enforcement officers perform their duties

SPECTRACOM NETCLOCK – Provides fault tolerant GPS time source for time synchronization of CAD, 9-1-1 and related systems

IMAGE TREND FIRE RMS – Interface to take CAD incident data and automatically populate several fire and EMS records management systems around the county

FIREHOUSE RMS – Interface to take CAD incident data and automatically populate the Immokalee Fire Protection
District’s records management system

PULSEPOINT (PUBLIC NOTIFICATION SMARTPHONE APP) – In addition to life-saving CPR notifications, the application provides a complete virtual window into the emergency communication center. Mobile users will have real-time access to emergency activity as it’s occurring. There will also be an app that members of the community may download to smartphones to be alerted of certain incidents in the county such as fires and vehicle accidents.

ASAP TO PSAP (AUTOMATED SECURE ALARM PROTOCOL) – CCSO will be the first in the state of Florida to integrate professional commercial and residential alarm monitoring companies into our CAD system eliminating thousands of phone calls per year and reducing the dispatch time for fire, medical and burglar alarms.

As each element is brought online, but prior to it going live, functional testing will be performed to ensure a smooth migration.
Once functionality has been verified, Communications will then gradually bring up individual agencies and CCSO districts.

The transition did not affect 911 lines or the county public safety radio system. All lines of communication between callers, dispatchers and first responders were operational throughout the transition.


bird signRookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve (RBNERR), in cooperation with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and Audubon Florida, has closed the emergent sandbar located one mile southeast of Cape Romano, known as “Second Chance.”

The sandbar, which is closed to public access annually from March 1 – Aug. 31, was designated as a Critical Wildlife Area (CWA) by the FWC in November. “Protecting Florida’s wildlife and natural resources is our first priority,” said Rookery Bay Reserve Director Keith Laakkonen. “Taking steps to protect this habitat during the nesting season will increase the likelihood of successful
breeding and help preserve threatened Florida species such as the Least Tern.”

The area has been closed annually since 2001 to protect nesting habitat for Least Terns, Black Skimmers and Wilson’s Plover. This is the first year that the CWA rules are in place prohibiting vessels, in addition to people and dogs, from visiting the sandbar during summer nesting season. Rookery Bay offers numerous other recreational options throughout its 110,000 acres of coastal lands and waters.



“We work with our partners to establish CWAs to protect wildlife from human disturbance during important life stages such as nesting,” said Kipp Frohlich, deputy director of FWC’s Division of Habitat and Species Conservation.

“We had broad public support and the Commission was unanimous in their decision to create this CWA, the second one established by the Commission in the last two years.”

“Audubon cheers the efforts of the Department of Environmental Protection and Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to manage the important shorebird nesting site at Second Chance Shoal,” said Eric Draper, executive director of Audubon Florida. This kind of agency coordination and action will help shorebird populations recover.”



RBNERR and FWC have installed perimeter signs on the island to clearly mark the sandbar as closed.

The signs will be removed on Aug. 31 after the birds have left and boating visitors may return.

The Least Tern is listed as a threatened species in Florida by the FWC and Black Skimmers are listed as a Species of Special Concern.

Nesting areas will be monitored throughout the nesting season and harassment or removal of endangered or threatened birds, their eggs or young is a violation of state law and may subject violators to criminal penalties.

Additionally, the attempt to remove or possess any migratory bird, their nest or eggs is a violation of federal law.

programs, tours and events at Rookery Bay Reserve

April 4–8, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Drawing Flowers and Nature in Colored Pencil

Learn how to draw fabulous flowers, fruit, and nature scenes in colored pencils during this five day class with Lee Hammond. Using her book Lifelike Drawing in Color as a guide, Lee Hammond will demonstrate easy methods for students at all ability levels; no experience required. This class will make you a master at various colored pencil techniques, and capturing things realistically.
Hammond has been a professional artist and art instructor for more than 30 years. She has published more than 35 art instruction books. Supplies are not included.

April 5, 12 – 1 p.m.
Lunch & Learn: Deepwater Horizon: Five Years Later

This program will focus on lessons learned from the largest oil spill in maritime history, including the role of the Rookery Bay
National Estuarine Research Reserve in working and coordinating with the U.S. Coast Guard, and coastal managers from across Florida and the Gulf. Updates from ongoing research in the Gulf of Mexico to learn more about environmental impacts related to the event will be discussed.

Gary Lytton received his academic training in biology and marine science from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, and the University of South Florida. He served as the Director for the Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve for 25 years prior to retiring in 2015, where he received national recognition by NOAA and the Clinton and Bush Administrations for his work in coastal management and environmental education and training. Lytton has two daughters, and is currently serving as the Executive Director for the Friends of Rookery Bay, Inc., and nonprofit organization that supports the mission of Rookery Bay Reserve.

April 9, 8 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Wing It: A Beginning Birders Workshop

Enjoy this fun and informative class designed to help you identify birds around you. Oriented toward the beginning birder, the classroom session explores how to use birds’ plumage, shape, behavior and habitat to recognize various species. It also covers the effective use of binoculars and field guides. During the second part of the class you will learn more tricks of the trade during a field trip to a nearby park where you can enjoy practicing new skills.

April 16, 12:30 – 3:30 p.m.
Collage on Canvas: Manatee

Local artist Marjorie Pesek will lead this 3-hour workshop for adults of all levels of creative talent. She will share her unique art technique of Layered Imagery. Participants will be supplied with a sketch on a 9” x 12” stretched canvas, a template of the subject, glue, scissors, and magazines. Marjorie will work with you to create a masterpiece you can take home! Additional kits available for purchase in the nature store.

Registration fee includes one adult (ages 12+) and all necessary supplies. Come early and enjoy complimentary admission to the
Environmental Learning Center.

April 18–22, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Animal Drawing in Graphite

Don’t pass up a chance to learn the secrets to the Hammond Blended Pencil Technique! Learn how to draw realistic animal drawings in graphite. Based on Lee’s new book Draw Animals in Nature (available in our nature store) everything you need to know about capturing images of wild animals in their natural environment will be revealed. Lee Hammond will show you how to accurately draw nature, by covering skies, trees, grasses and leaves; no experience required. You will also learn to draw many different types of wildlife including furry forest creatures, jungle animals, birds, and water animals.

Hammond has been a professional artist and art instructor for more than 30 years. She has published more than 35 art instruction books. Supplies are not included.

April 22, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Earth Day BOGO

In celebration of Earth Day, the Rookery Bay Environmental Learning Center offers “buy one, get one free admission.” Higher price prevails. Cannot be combined with other offers. Must pay at door.