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                                                       LINCOLN-REAGAN DINNER

                                                                     Saturday, February 15

                                                                    Hilton Naples ~ 6-9 pm

                                                      With Keynote Speaker
                                                      K.T. McFarland

                                                      The Hon. Kathleen Troia “KT” McFarland
                                                      was President Trump’s first Deputy National
                                                      Security Advisor. She was responsible for
                                                      creating the policy that supported Trump’s
                                                      promise to put America First. Prior to her
                                                      role in the Trump White House, she was
                                                      FOX News’ National Security Analyst. She
                                                      is releasing her new book REVOLUTION:
                                                      Trump, Washington and “We the People.”

                                                                              Honoring the Unstoppable

                                                                              Donna Fiala

                                                                               Donna Fiala is the only Commissioner in
                                                                               Collier County history to serve more than
                                                                               four terms in a District. In 2003, 2009 and
                                                                               2016 she served as Chairman of the Board.
                                                                               Commissioner Fiala has been active in
                                                                               many community organizations and has
                                                                               served on numerous Boards of Directors.

                                                Dinner $200 per person
                           VIP Reception and dinner including signed book and photo: $400 per person
                                             Table of 12 including 2 VIP tickets: $2,700

                    Sponsorships Available at 239-732-0885 ~ Tickets by Reservation Only
                          Purchase online at
                              or mail checks payable to: CCREC, PO Box 7367, Naples, FL 34101
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