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                  oday is December 22nd and it’s a gloomy rainy day and   kitchen and cabinets. Well, from just finishing my sixteenth year
                 I’m loving it! If it were only 40 degrees colder it would   as Mayor of our City I can and will give you my thoughts on
           Tbe snowing. Of course, I say that with tongue in cheek   what you need to look for when selecting a candidate that runs
           because I have a difficult time with anything colder than   for a City of Naples Council seat and Mayor. I will do that for
           55 degrees outside. As we all know the question this time of year   the March issue of Life in Naples. Between now and March there
           is did you get your shopping done and my answer is no, I like to   will be many candidate forums where you can hear what they
           go the day before Christmas and the same applies for Chanukah.   have to say but believe me it goes a lot deeper than that when
           For some strange reason I just like the pressure, yet I always   making a selection.
           manage to get everything done.                              On the fun side and after waiting for what seems an
                                                                   eternity the new Seed to Table Market has opened in Naples.
                                                                   Run by the Oakes family it’s a lot more than a supermarket,
                                    “                              it’s an experience that’s worth the visit. For you Northeasterners
                                                                   that are familiar with the Wegmans food chain this store has a
                                                                   slight resemblance. From the beautiful produce to the spectacular
                       Life in Naples                              bakery, meat, and seafood as well as homemade pasta there’s a
                                                                   lot more to see. We saw friends of ours there and like us they
                                                                   said this wasn’t just going to a grocery store this was like finding
                         as Mayor is                               a food treasure store. I asked what they liked best and the wife
                                                                   said the homemade ice cream that’s made on the premises and
                   always interesting                              her husband said the upstairs bar and all the areas there that you
                                                                   could eat at. We of course bought a lot more than we expected
                                                                   to and the fact that there was valet parking available was just
                      to say the least.                            an added bonus. Make sure you make time to not miss the
                                                                   opportunity to visit Seed to Table where there’s a good chance
                                                                   you might see me!
                                    ”                                 A final word about our current local campaign. Some of you
                                                                   may have seen a negative broadside from a former member of
                                                                   Council who has quit the Council and then fled the City. But
                                                                   she still feels entitled to make up facts and unfairly criticize all
              Life in Naples as Mayor is always interesting to say the   seven members of our hardworking and dedicated City Council.
           least. Next month on St. Patrick’s Day will be our City Council   It is easy to tell lies and convenient to tell only part of the story
           Election. There are three Council seats with eight candidates   behind important and complicated votes. For example, on two
           running for them and one seat for Mayor and two candidates   of the issues (the Beach Hotel Perpetual Easement enforcement
           running, with one of them being me. Of the eight Council   mechanism and the composition of the proposed independent
           candidates three are incumbents and the other five are all first   Ethics Commission) our City Attorney told the Council that to
           timers. For those of you that follow our local politics you know   vote otherwise would have been beyond Council’s legal authority
           without a doubt that we have a well-balanced functioning   (ultra vires in lawyer-speak) and unconstitutional. I am running
           Council that accomplishes a lot for our City. Naturally there are   for re-election on my real and factual record of success.
           always those that would disagree with my opinion and they have   Mayor Bill
           a perfect right to do so because the old adage of you can’t make
           everyone happy is so true! There is a local kitchen and cabinet
           maker in Southwest Florida that when doing their commercial
           they say that before you buy from someone else you should read   I do respond to e-mail at
           their pamphlet on what to look for when shopping for a new

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