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Life in Naples
                    a message from your publisher                        Life in Naples
        Water Warrior                                                         THE MAGAZINE OF NAPLES

                                                                               Volume 9 Issue 2 | February 2020
            toured the future C-43 Reservoir
            that is being constructed to clean the
            water before it goes downstream. The
        C-43 Reservoir is a component of the                       3215 Gulf Shore Blvd N • Suite #112N | Naples, FL 34103
        Comprehensive Everglades Restoration
        Plan and one of Governor DeSantis’                               
        key priority projects. It will store                               
        approximately 55 billion gallons of local
        basin storm water runoff and releases from                            Text Copyright 2020 all rights reserved.
        Lake Okeechobee.
                                                                   No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form by
          The project will capture excess basin runoff and          any electronic or mechanical means without permission from
        Lake Okeechobee releases, which in turn will improve timing   the publisher. Life in Naples regrets that no responsibility can
                               and quantity of freshwater flows to
                                                                    be accepted for unsolicited material. Opinions expressed by
                               the Caloosahatche Estuary. This will
                               help to maintain proper salinity levels   contributors or advertisers are not necessarily those
                                                                                        of the publisher.
                               and allocated water supply to the
                               local agricultural area adjacent to the
                               reservoir. In doing so it will protect
                               both plant and wildlife. It is projected
                                                                                 publisher        reg buxton
                               to encompass 10,500 acres.
                                 I was fighting for water quality        account executive        colette m. beringer
                               long before it was a popular tag                                   312.315.9549
                               line. Preserving our endangered
                               environment is of critical importance.   contributing writers      mayor bill barnett
                               Protecting the remaining natural
                                                                                                  congressman francis rooney
                               wetlands and flow ways in order to
                               maintain existing natural storage                                  sandra lee buxton
                               and treatment capacity is a critical                               diana jarrett
                               component to success.
                                                                                                  lois bolin
                                                                                                  jeff lytle
                                                                                                  claudia polzin
                                                                                                  paula allia
                                                                                                  aimee schlehr
                                                                                                  ron mcginty

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     4                                                                                                      Life in Naples | February 2020
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