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               BILL BARNETT

               oday is July 5, 2020 and as I write my new column for    realtors, restaurateurs and developers in Naples. I hear from them
               Life in Naples titled “Naples Potpourri” I am excited to still   on a daily basis optimism in their voices about how we are hanging
        Tbe a member of this elite group of journalists. I am far from  in there and will be ƒ ne. Our realtors are busy and that’s a great
        being a journalist in the professional way, I just have a good time   indicator that people still love Naples and want to live here; the
        writing about Naples where I have resided for the last forty-seven   rest will follow suit.
        years.                                                        Since I have retired, I am constantly being asked how my life
           Why did I choose Potpourri as a title? Well I will write about   is without politics playing the majority part in it. Am I bored?
        a whole bunch of diž erent things touching on many diž erent   Heck no! Candidly speaking, I am enjoying myself. I am still on
        subjects and Potpourri seemed to ƒ t so here we go.        the Board of the Shelter for Abused Women & Children which is
           I am going to be very brief                                                      a phenomenal organization made up
        talking about COVID-19 because    Naples Florida is about as resilient as           of wonderful people. I am honored
        that’s all we hear and talk about with                                              to have been asked to join the
        more diž ering thoughts than on   any community in the United States.               Board of Youth Haven which I look
        any subject I have ever heard. When                                                 forward to and I have a few more
        this comes out in August everything   I watched us recover from the last            that are under consideration. Local
        could have changed again. I can   downturn when all around us it was                politics will always be an integral
        and will only say that I agree 100%                                                 part of my life and I still hear from a
        with wearing a face mask inside any   gloom and doom with stores boarded            lot of my old constituents and City
        business, period.   e best quote I   up on Fifth Avenue South and                  Staž . I can’t physically run anymore
        read was from a doctor in California                                                but I can brisk walk which I do six
        who said ”I wear my mask to protect   restaurants in dire straits.  But there       days a week ƒ ve miles a day. My
        you, why don’t you do the same for                                                  wife Chris thinks I’m crazy walking
        me?” Makes sense to me but that’s   was a feeling of optimism from our              in this heat, but I love it, and I feel
        just me.   e rest of the craziness   community that we would come back             great. I have always loved to cook,
        that’s going on out there is way too                                                and I’ve dug out my old cookbooks
        di§  cult to comprehend, much less    with a vengeance, and we did.                 and recipes and especially trying to
        try to explain.                                                                     lay low during this pandemic I’m
           Naples Florida is about as                                                       enjoying the kitchen! So overall
        resilient as any community in the United States. I watched us   retirement is good and getting better by the day.
        recover from the last downturn when all around us it was gloom   In my next article more of the Potpourri and less about me but
        and doom with stores boarded up on Fifth Avenue South and   I had to get it out of the way! Still the best food bargain in Naples
        restaurants in dire straits.  But there was a feeling of optimism   is Mel’s Diner! Blue Zone healthy, friendly, and a great menu to
        from our community that we would come back with a vengeance,   choose from. No, I’m not being paid to solicit, I love restaurants
        and we did. Where else would you ƒ nd a city that in the middle of   and will deƒ nitely write about a diž erent one in each of my articles
        a depression invested approximately eight million dollars to build a   that follow. Potpourri, get it?
        new parking garage? We were criticized unmercifully but we didn’t
        waiver because we knew the price was so right and that many                        Be safe!
        tradespeople were out of work and would jump at the chance to be
        employed during this tough time. Most of all we knew it would be
                                                                           I will respond to e-mails at
        a success and it was. Realtors went from driving Mercedes to Fords
        and Chevrolets but that was only temporary as it didn’t take long
        for the real estate market to once again ¨ ourish and ¨ ourish it did!
                                                                   Editor's Note:    is article   rst appeared in our August-October 2020
             roughout this Pandemic we all feel the tremendous pain that
                                                                   issue of Life in Naples. After a number of phone calls and requests via
        is being felt whenever we turn on the news and watch the suž ering
                                                                   email, we included it in our November edition as well.
        in our country and around the world. I have many friends that are

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