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Frequently asked questions of the Collier Mosquito Control District

Every day we receive emails and phone calls from residents who have questions about mosquitoes, our operations, and the control materials used in Collier County. Our staff collectively compiled a few of the most frequently  received queries, which we share with you here. 1. Will your control materials harm me, my kids, or my pets? We understand that the potential […]

Conservancy Volunteer Uses Hearts and Antarctica to Save the Everglades

In her career as a science educator, Jump develops and evaluates innovative STEM (science, technology,  engineering and math) initiatives, leads strategic planning, acquires resources for schools (over $100 million), facilitates leadership training and renewal. She was writing grants to encourage  girls and women to go into science fields 40 years ago, long before STEM programs were trending. Three years ago, the Indiana snowbird became one […]

Technically Speaking water, water everywhere…

We live in a thirsty world. According to the World Health Organization, each person on earth needs 50 liters of water each day for drinking, washing, food preparation and sanitation. And freshwater supplies are dwindling. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) reports 21 of the world’s 37 largest aquifers are being depleted faster than they are being replenished. The water table is dropping, and […]

Fancy That… from life in the facet lane by Diana Jarrett

Plenty of avid jewelry lovers collect both sapphire and ruby. But they don’t always know that these vibrant gems are related. In fact, the mineral species for these two colorful jewels is corundum. What turns one blue and the other red is the addition of trace elements occurring inside the corundum. Wait, there’s more! But there’s more to explore. A dazzling sub-set […]

Naples Art Association is looking forward to a Fantastical Season

Summer at Naples Art Association was filled with amazing works created by inspired children and guided by our professional artists during ARTScool. We also had the privilege to feature the private collection of the Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples, and we are thrilled at the prospect of what is still to come! The upcoming season at Naples Art Association is going through […]

ASK THE artsperts…who owns the Copyright?

Dear Artsperts: I attended a luncheon last season with a keynote speaker discussing issues with heirs and inheritance. A story was told where the four children each wanted to have a particular painting from their parents’ collection. It was worth millions, and they each loved the work. Their solution was to sell the painting from the estate, but before doing so, […]

Meals of Hope fighting Hunger All Year Long

During Hunger Action Month in September, people throughout the country will stand together to spread the word and take action on the hunger crisis in their communities. Here in Naples, Meals of Hope helps ensure no one in our community goes hungry all year long. The largest food pantry provider in Southwest Florida, Meals of Hope began in 2007 as […]


Texting while driving has long been considered dangerous and even illegal in some states. Now, deputies across Florida can stop and ticket motorists who text and drive behind the wheel. Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill into law in May that allows deputies to ticket drivers for texting while driving. The law went into effect July 1. Under the new law, […]

News from Chauncey Goss Board Chair of SW Water Management District

I  have the honor of serving as your Governing Board Chairman at the South Florida Water  Management District (SFWMD), one of the largest water management agencies in the world. This is all at a time when we are charting an exciting future for the ecosystem and the 8.7 million residents of South Florida the District serves. You probably recall that less than 48 hours after Governor […]