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Politics And Potpurri

Today is Thanksgiving and when you read this it will be “Happy New Year to all.” This was as unusual a Thanksgiving as I can ever remember. Our kids were going in different directions, some to New York, some to other family and some were just too far away to either come here or for […]

Key Building Consultants Your Key To Peace Of Mind

At Key Building Consultants you are purchasing a service like no other. Our 50 years of combined construction knowledge and experience assists our clients and helps protect their investment. We guide our clients in all aspects of the building process so that they are well informed and have a clear understanding of the Southwest Florida […]


Ever heard “Knowledge is power?” Knowing your trade as an expert is powerful and ensures successful results. We are strong believers of this; so strong that we ask our clients about our knowledge on our surveys. In other words did they feel confident with us; that they were in good hands with the proper guidance? […]

Chinese Medicine

Healing is shaped not only by the clean lines of theory, but also by the messy contingencies of practice; not only in the exclusive domain of licensed doctors, but also in the competition of diverse types of healers,” say the authors of Chinese Medicine and Healing (Harvard University Press, 2013). Over the centuries, different cultures […]

Aging Process Reversed With Positive Lifestyle Changes

Positive lifestyle changes, such as adopting a healthy diet and moderate exercise, may reverse the aging process, according to a study published in The Lancet Oncology. Researchers from the University of California in San Francisco have discovered that certain lifestyle changes may increase the length of telomeres. Telomeres are DNA -protein complexes found at the […]

Ignite Your Mind

The theme for February’s 2014 Imagine Solutions Conference is “Ignite Your Mind!” And judging from the heavy hitters slated to participate, it will. The worldclass speakers and moderators selected to participate in the Imagine Solutions annual thought leader forum are some of the planet’s brightest minds, all luminaries in their respective fields. The conference will […]

“Be It Resolved …For The New Year”

The most common resolutions made for the year often involve fitness goals and health, achieving new levels of prosperity, and, for many, finding peace of mind and making a happy home. Therefore, it’s not surprising to see that many of the organizations who have been profiled in this column share similar themes with their 2014 […]

True North: The Key To Success and Fulfillment

It’s that time again when good intentions in the form of resolutions, often give way to subversive vices; not because we are weak, but because we, as spiritual beings engaged in this human experience, are most likely out of alignment with our ‘true north’. I first became aware of ‘true north’ from a golf book […]