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Sending A Smile

by Dr. Cheryl Malick, DMD With squeals of excitement, the Malick-Beltran children eagerly opened a large envelope from U.S. Army Captain Sam Almquist, who has since been promoted to Major. The children, Jade (4), Todd (6) and Brad (7) regularly sent care packages to “Captain Sam” throughout his recent, nine month deployment in Afghanistan, and […]

Breakfast In Red

by Elizabeth Kellar Ladies – and a few men – donned their best red outfits to show their support for the fight against women’s cardiovascular disease at the American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women “Breakfast in Red” event on Wednesday, Sept. 18, at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in Naples. Now marking its 10th national year, […]

Kitchens Communication Part 2 of 6

We have found that a majority of our clients come to us as a first timer; not knowing what to expect or where to start in the renovation process. Initially their goal is to be provided with guidance. For us this is where the communication begins, but what should a contractor do next? Is it […]

Urinary Tract Infections – Serious Issue

Urinary Tract Infections (UT I) can cause serious serious health problems. A urinary tract infection happens when bacteria in the bladder or kidney multiplies in the urine. Left untreated, a urinary tract infection can become something more serious than merely a set of uncomfortable symptoms. UT Is can lead to acute or chronic kidney infections, […]

Gossip and Rumor – Your Health

When two or three people talk about another person and usually say things the other person would not  like to hear, they are engaging in gossip. Rumors, on the other hand, usually involve larger numbers of people. Rumors are an unverified account of events circulating from person to person, and deal with something of broader […]

A Tradition of Unparalleled Luxury and Service

The jewel in the Naples crown has once again opened and in the true Ritz-Carlton® style it has not disappointed. Anticipation was felt by the community during the 66 days of closure which allowed for remastering this trophy hotel. The undisputed destination of choice for international visitors, this beach resort exemplifies the gold standard of […]

Your Key To Peace Of Mind

At Key Building Consultants you are purchasing a service like no other. Our 50 years of combined construction knowledge and experience assists our clients and helps protect their investment. We guide our clients in all aspects of the building process so that they are well informed and have a clear understanding of the Southwest Florida […]

The Winners Circle – Naples Style

by Sandra Lee Buxton Have you ever met someone whose smile was so genuine that you were immediately drawn to them? If you haven’t, then you clearly have not met Christin Bones. She is the epitome of grace and graciousness in her personal and professional relationships. Christin’s high energy level is another topic in and […]